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Life Snapshots August 2016 Week 2

Let's just put this on the table first, and then we'll get into the details of the pics. Life Snapshots will eventually be a weekly post, I just need to get back into the habit of planning blog posts better. Cool? Yeah? let's get to some snapshots.

I've tried to sneak in as much porch time as I can before the weather gets away from me.  The leaves are starting to turn an obvious yellow, that we can no longer ignore.  The Geese are starting to fly overhead more frequently.  Fall is moving in quickly.  I find myself hoping for a mild Fall, but I think it's going to be an early winter.

The Porch Post Script - Life Snapshots

I spent a little time with my morning coffee enjoying the sun a couple of Saturday's ago.  My Midori Travel's Notebook is laid open for some morning journaling and in the pile to the right - my Kindle, Eat the City and my reading notebook.

I completely love my Midori but am still using up comp books in my stash for some of my notes.  Eventually, I'll get all in with my Midori and my life will all be in one place, but until then I'll settle for the notebook queen.  I finished Eat the City a few days ago.  If you haven't, you should read the review I wrote, this was a great book.  In case anyone asks, the mug is from RK Pottery on Etsy.

This past Saturday we hung around the house, and what started as a cloudy day turned into a beautiful evening.  We opted to enjoy appetizers at the picnic table for dinner that evening.

The Porch Post Script - Life Snapshots

I've had that cheese tray for as long as I've had my own place.  I'm guessing it's a late 60's or early70's era tray.  The sides fold up, sandwiching the handle in the middle, for easy storage.  I'm sure you could find one similar on eBay.

If you're more into the food that the tray it's on - Goat cheese, pepper jack cheese, cheddar cheese, peppered salami, artichoke hearts, green olives, tomato relish, and kalamata olives.  Therese a bit of mashed avocado with garlic salt and a plate of fresh fruit and baguette slices.  The glass and the bottle are both Stella Hard Apple Cider.

This shot of me and my hubby was taken the same night as the picnic table of appetizers.  I love this pic, with its bit of sun rays captured in the upper right corner.  It really captured our lazy Saturday and the beautiful evening weather.

The Porch Post Script - Life Snapshots

I must confess, this is a rare kind of shot.  Neither of us is really that into having our pic taken, but every once in a while this happens.  Mostly to document a moment in time.  Proof that we really do exist.

As summer disappears, so will my shots from the porch.  Hoping there will be some nice porch weather during the fall, but as it gets colder The Porch Postscript will be less porchy.  Is that even a word?


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