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Reflecting on January

January is drawing to a close, and I'm reflecting.  Reflecting on the direction I'd like to take all three of my blogs.  Reflecting on where I want to take my creativity.  Reflecting on my journaling journey. Three blogs, it's a lot, but it is what it is.  I needed separation with this new blogging journey.  In the past, it was all dumped in one place and in the end, it just didn't work.   Here on The Porch Postscript , I've built a place for me to purge random thoughts and ideas about my life.  Things will wax and wane here, some spurts being longer than others.  You might also notice there are times of crickets here.  Not all my thoughts need to be public.  Trust me! Stacy Petersen Photography is just what it says it is.  It's my photography portfolio.  The words are limited here.  I share photo title and the place and date taken.  I haven't put anything new up in a while, but I'll get back to it when the weather gets nice again.  I'm


It's been a while since I wrote, and some of you might be wondering why.  The answer is simple - I've been holed up in my studio creating, which is by far my most loved thing in the world.  When the desire to create hits, the desire to do much else disappears.  I love making things, and while I have dozens of crafty options, paper is my first love. Over the weekend I listened to a few episodes of Crafty Chat on YouTube.  There were a couple of episodes with the CEO of Hero Arts that I really enjoyed, probably because it took me down memory lane.  Back to the days of mail order rubber stamp catalogs, before the big scrapbooking trend and way before mixed media was a thing.  It dawned on me, I've been doing this for a really long time, nearly three decades, a quarter of a century. I wandered down this path when I was in high school when a rubber stamping store opened in my hometown.  Rocky Mountain Impressions was a tiny little shop, lined with wood mounted stamps.  It

Explore Creativity

I don't think people realize how healing creativity is.  No.  Really.  I've been creative my whole life and as I have gotten older and struggled through rough spots in life I've realized that my art and creativity help me get through those bumps in life.  It rebuilds my momentum and fills up the spots in my soul that stress and daily life drain out and empty. I've spent the quite a bit of time in my studio creating and working on new cards, the last few days.  Trying new techniques and looking for myself in the lost chaos of the daily grind.  While I have a day job that I love, but it's taxing on my mind and sometimes my emotions, often times stressful.  Being creative helps refill all those places.  It gives me time to let my mind wander and be free.   Right now I'm focused on exploring mixed media and learning new techniques to stash in my mental closet of card making skills.  This is where you picture that hall closet that is stuffed to the max and

Where Have All the Manners Gone?

Are you ready for another round from the well of my deep thoughts?  Yes?  Well ready or not, here we go, down the rabbit hole of Stacy's wandering mind. The past couple of days I've really begun to wonder where have all the manners gone?  No.  Seriously.  Do you know?  When did we become such a rude, self-obsessed, self-serving bunch of knotheads? In the past few days, as in since Monday, I've been called names, hung up on, and yelled at for things I can't and don't control.  I've had people just walk in and interrupt meetings, without even a blink or apology for the interruption.  Again I ask when did we become so rude? When did it become acceptable to talk on the phone while mailing a package, ordering food or doing business at the bank?  When did it become acceptable to talk back to the customer in a demeaning tone?  When did rudeness become the norm? I was taught - You give the janitor the same respect as the president of the company .  In high sch

Societal Failure

Are you a societal failure?  WOW!  Did I just opened a big can of worms, didn't I?  Yep.  Get your coffee and let's talk about this. I'm a societal failure!  I don't fit the mold on so many levels.  What's more, I'm proud of it!  How have I failed in the eyes of society?  I don't have a degree, I got married later, I don't have kids and I'm an artist. Let's start with NO COLLEGE DEGREE.  That's right, I don't have a degree.  What's more, I don't want one.  Now, let's put things on the table right now.  I'm not against college.  I work with college-bound students five days a week.  However, college isn't for everyone and it shouldn't be forced on anyone, let alone someone who is still trying to figure out what they're interests are. We start asking children what they want to be when they grow up once they're  old enough to talk.  They tout things that don't always fit in the box society has built

39 Things About Me

It's my Birthday!  I'm one year away from the big 4-0!  Am I where I thought I'd be at 39?  Probably not, but I'm also not sure I ever gave it any thought.  I'm just not bent that way.  I just live life and take what comes.  I thought today it would be fun to share 39 things about me you might not know. 39 Things About Me My youngest sibling is 15 years older than me. In the last 9 years, I've lived in four different states and five different houses.  I lived in the same town until a few months before my 30th birthday. I read mostly nonfiction. I'm an action flick junkie. I love second-hand shopping and the thrill of a good buy at a thrift store. I eat more ice cream in the winter than any other time of year. I could eat Mexican food every day of the week. I'm an extroverted introvert. I recharge by being alone in my studio. I wish I lived by the water. Italy is on my bucket list. I learned to walk in an RV. I hate the cold, yet liv

Alaskan Winter January 2017

More snow.  It seems everyone is getting more snow.  What's our current accumulation?  I lost track somewhere after the 10-inch mark.  Yes.  I realize I live in Alaska.  To be frank, I'm not complaining about the snow.  I love the fresh snow, I'm merely stating the facts.  We're getting more snow, so much better than last years one snow wonder.  We only had one good snow last year and most of the winter was overcast, gray and depressing.  This year we're getting snow and turning the frozen north into a winter wonderland.  If I'm going to suffer through the cold and the dark, I want the snow.  The snow makes it more tolerable. Winter - Alaska (04 January 2017) I took this pic on my way to work yesterday morning at 11:15 am.  Believe it or not, this is a color shot with no filter.  The snow was lightly falling and everything was just so very white.  It was about 15 degrees and beautiful.  Today, we're under a winter storm advisory.  We supposed to expe


Good Morning.  Have you started to settle back into your daily routines?  Or are you still sorting it all out? I'm happily getting back into my everyday groove.  Loved being on vacation and celebrating the holidays, but I'm a creature of habit.  Having a routine helps me stay grounded.  There's a quote I pulled out of something I read a while back that is so very fitting of my nature. Highly sensitive people, having daily rituals in their lives can help them feel at one with their world, instead of just being overwhelmed by it most of the time.   I love my mornings.  They are slow and filled with daily rituals, or habits if you will.  I read blogs, sip coffee, post on Facebook & Instagram, write, enjoy breakfast with my Hubby and work through a yoga routine.  I'm blessed with a part-time job that allows me these luxuries. This year I'm considering adding an art journal to my mornings.  I've been thinking about this for quite a while and late last

Inward Acceptance

Happy New Year!  It's time to get back to reality.  Are you ready?  I'm not sure I am, but I have to go there anyway.  Back to work, time to start the Spring Semester.  Working for an educational consortium comes with so many perks and rewards, but starting a new semester isn't one of them.  Things will be a little bit of a madhouse for the next couple of weeks, but I digress.  Today's post isn't about going back to work, and quite honestly is a little raw and may not be a read for everyone. I started my morning with this yoga video , let's just say I'm a bit off my game.  I let my daily practice laps a bit over the last three weeks.  It's time to get back to it.  Yoga has helped me in so many ways.  The movement and stretching are what it's about for me.  I don't follow a yoga practice for spiritual or meditational guidance.  This practice started as a way to heal my back, and increase movement in my very sedentary lifestyle.  Where am I going