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100 Days of Photos - Week 1

I started this project on Tuesday.  That's the when, but what about the why?  Well, the why is a little more complicated.  I miss taking photos, but it's way too cold and way too frozen for me to wander around and take amazing photos of foliage this time of year.  I'm a little burned out on my usual artist medium of card making and pen and ink drawing.  I feel like I need to feed my creative soul.  I also want to capture more of my everyday life.

Why 100 Days?  Because I've seen other people do 100 Day Projects.  You can see more and learn more about The 100 Day Project and what other people are making by checking out this link.  There's no commitment other than a creative medium and 100 Days.

Day 1:
What's on my desk.  There's more to my creative endeavors than card making and art.

Day 2:
Our kitchen table, we've turned into my husband's parents...I'll just leave that there.

Day 3:
Seafood Scampi, dinner out with a girlfriend.  Not pictured the bottle of wine.

Day 4:
Hedy.  She's the youngest of our four fur children and our most rambunctious.

Day 5:
Putting essential oils back into my life.  The bottom two books are new, as in got them this past weekend.

Day 6:
Soft Peanut Butter Cookies - Recipe Review coming soon!

I'm enjoying the challenge of both taking a daily photo and remembering to take a daily photo.  I also really like the fact that there are no rules beyond the daily photo.  Snippets of my life, one photo at a time.  Do you take daily photos of your life?  Have you ever done a 100 Days Project?