Monday, March 11, 2019

Reflections: February 2019

What did February look like...

We had a little mini getaway to Fairbanks.  It's how we battle cabin fever.  This is our favorite french dip and cheese fries from Friar Tucks.

I've been trying to use a planner for my creative work, including blog posts.

Nails for Valentine's Day.

The sun is back!  I started wearing my shades to work again because it's finally light enough again.

It was in the upper 20's and low 30's most of February.

I made an old favorite - Toasted Ravioli aka Fried Ravioli.

I painted our kitchen.  Before...


I have a bit of a notebook fetish.

My little alter of creativity in my studio.

Artwork at a Starbucks.

We also had a trip home to Wyoming.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Traveling Home February 2019

We spent the last week traveling home.  This was more whirlwind duty trip than pleasure, but it's always good to see family and friends.

I always over pack.  I need to work harder on packing less, way less.

Drinks in the airport bar before departing is kind of a tradition.

We ate at one of our old favorites when we made it to Fort Collins, CO.  Love the Charco Broiler.

Could skip the peanut butter pie.

I've always loved this statue that is outside the front door.

Had our obligatory Taco Johns stop in Rawlins, WY.

We saw more snow in Wyoming than we've seen in Alaska all winter.

We drove on some slushy slick roads with some blowing snow.

The sunrise at my Mom's house is always so stunning.

Spent a bit of time sketching while we were gone.

Journaling on the go.

One of the bronze statues in our hometown.

Second lunch. Second Taco John's meal.  Ate it in the car.  Don't judge.

One more dink in the hotel bar before our flight out in the morning.

Welcome to DIA (Denver International Airport).

We had a five-hour layover in Seattle at SeaTac. Found the sacred empty concourse and enjoyed a bit of downtime.

Had our last meal at Anthony's at the airport, they'll be closing the airport location at the end of March.  Will miss the breakfast tacos and this amazing clam chowder.

Couldn't help but have this amazing Bailey's Chocolate Mousse for dessert.

They have some unique art throughout SeaTac.

Our last morning in a hotel room.

Home again.  Home again.

Until next time...

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Book Review - Food: A Love Story

Title:  Food:  A Love Story
Author:  Jim Gaffigan
Type:  Memoir

For starters, I cheated and listened to the audiobook, but a book is a book, right?  My only mistake with this decision was that I made it while traveling on an airplane so I couldn't laugh out loud as much as I would have had I listened to it at home.

Jim Gaffigan narrates the book himself, which I'm sure adds to the funniness of the audiobook.  He is a stand-up comedian after all.

I chose this book because I love books about food, especially memoirs.  I also needed a book to distract me while we flew several hours on a trip home.  I figured it would get me through a few flights and if I never finished it, no big deal, as that is usually the fate of audio books on trips with me.  That was not the fate of this book.  I listened to the entire book and was sad when it was over.  I will actually be listening to it again, it was that good. 

When Gaffigan tells you his qualifications for writing this book are because he is a little fat and he loves food he means it, but his inner comedian makes this book a treasure in the world of food books if you ask me.  He tells it all like it is, from Hot Pockets to White Castle burgers to the world of fancy restaurants to eating at Waffle House.  It's the kind of book that says all the things any true food lover is thinking about all the things in our love affair with food.

If you're a reader, read it, but if you're looking for some great belly laughs and good humor let Jim Gaffigan read it to you in the audiobook form.  I know I'll be listening to it again and I'll be seeking out his audiobook Dad is Fat.