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Top 5 Be's - How Will You Be?

Be...  Finish that statement.  How will you "Be"?  Go ahead.  I'll wait (insert Jeopardy music here).  In all seriousness when was the last time, you thought about that?  How do you want to be? How we act, react and treat our family, friends and those around us is always changing and growing.  Especially as we ourselves change and grow through our experiences.  The ever disconnecting way we interact with the world is lessening the human contact, well before and beyond the realm of social media.  We've been pressing "1 for English" most of my adult life and I remember when "self-check" became a thing.  As of late, I'm been really thinking about how I've been reacting to things and how others are reacting to me.  I'm working to change my own disconnected attitude.  In breaking my thoughts down, I hope to provide you with some food for thought and with something to consider the next time you act or react. Here are the FIVE things I w

Lived in or Messy?

Housekeeping is such a relative perspective, isn't it?  No really.  Think about that one person's hot mess is a lived in house.  One person's clean house is another person's worst nightmare.  I'm the lived in house that finds overly clean houses to be a nightmare.  There is nothing that makes me more self-conscious than visiting someone who has one of those "everything in its place homes." We have two cats and a dog, can you say hair?  I'm a creative, so I'd rather be creating than cleaning any day of the week.  If you came to see how clean my house is then you came for the wrong reasons.  Our house is lived in.  It's not dirty.  It's not disgusting.  It's lived in. You don't have to take your shoes off when you come here and you'll go home with dirty socks if you do.  My animals live here, so don't sit if you don't want to go home with some sort of hair somewhere on you.  You'll often find dirty dishes in the


I'm going to venture into an area we're all told not to discuss.  Many of us were raised not to discuss money, faith, or politics, especially in mixed company.  What the hell does that even mean - mixed company?  Anywho... Confederate Memorial State Historic Site - Missouri (02 August 2008) Faith, this is a slippery slope in any conversation.  I'm guaranteed to upset someone in this post.  I was raised in the Lutheran Church.  We went nearly every Sunday, and by we I mean my mom and I.  My dad was what many refer to as a "sprinkler".  He attended major church holidays, baptisms, weddings, and funerals.  I attended the same church my entire childhood.  I took my first communion and was confirmed.  I was an acolyte and did things with the youth group.  As an adult, I got married in the same church, a church I hadn't attended in years. Here's the catch, I left church.  Not just the church I grew up in, but the complete concept of it.  I didn't lea

Let's Be Candid Shall We?

can·did ˈkandəd/ adjective 1 . truthful and straightforward; frank. synonyms: frank, outspoken, forthright, blunt, open, honest, truthful, sincere, direct, plain-spoken, straightforward, ingenious, bluff; Being brave.  Following my path.  Following my calling.  Following my detour.  Whatever you want to call it.  I'm doing it one step at a time.  The other part of this journey is I'm finding my tribe, surrounding myself with like-minded people. Find it on Amazon I'm seven chapters into Lindsay McKenzie's book Follow Your Detour , about the halfway mark of the book.  I'm no speed reader, and I'm reading about 20 minutes a day while I walk on the elliptical.  Lindsay is very open and raw with how they got to be the fulltime RVers they are today, but it's about more than that.  It's about the pain, the fear, the healing and the leep of faith they had to take to follow their detour. This read came along at just the