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Recipe Review: Banana Bundt Cake

Let's start by saying there isn't a beautiful printable version of this one, as the recipe came from my mom on an index card.  I have however included a photo of the recipe card in this post.  This cake is very good, has a lighter banana flavor than banana bread.  That said, I'm gonna be honest and tell you that I won't be making it again.  We prefer banana bread in our house.

I made one swap while making this recipe, using yogurt in place of the sour cream.  I make this kind of swap frequently, as there is always yogurt in our house and sour cream makes rare appearances.  The other ingredients we all things I had on hand.  I also want to point out that this recipe cuts down on food waste because I used my overripe bananas rather than toss them.  Yes, I know they aren't overripe to some of you, but I like a bit of green on my bananas if I'm just gonna eat them.  Otherwise, they go into something - cake, bread, smoothie, etc.

I have a tip for you when you're baking this cake.  Use some of the dry cake mix to "flour" the pan.  This will prevent that bit of white haze that can happen on a bundt cake when flouring the pan is called for.  This also means if you don't have flour I got you covered.  You're welcome. 

Next trick for you.  If you want your cake to come out easily don't cool it completely in the pan.  Release it from the pan while it's still a little warm.  The oil, butter or pan spay you used to grease the pan will still be a little warm and will release the cake easily; waiting until the pan is completely cool and increase the risk of sticking.

There is no sauce with this cake, nor frosting, but it is pretty tasty with some whipped cream.  You could totally frost it if you like, a cream cheese frosting or glaze might just kick this cake up a level.  Enjoy!