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Recipe Review: King Arthur Flour Soft Wrap Bread

I can honestly say we've only made this twice and both times it's been delicious.  There will be more of this in our future as we stay put through this COVID-19 outbreak in Alaska.  This recipe does take a little bit of time, but right now we all have that on our hands.

We usually buy Stonefire Naan, they come two naan bread to a package and delicious.  Our favorite flavor is the roasted garlic, but in order to get these, we need to travel the 100 miles/2hours to Fairbanks to get them.  I usually buy several packages at a time, as they freeze well.  They make fantastic flatbread pizzas, sandwich wraps and are delicious warmed in the toaster oven and served with hummus.

Since we won't be making the trip to Fairbanks any time soon, I'll be making more of the Soft Wrap Bread recipe.  I'll also be doing a little experimenting to see if I can make a garlic version.  This recipe is from King Arthur Flour is really close to naan and we love it!

I made it over the weekend to go with some falafel and then we used some to go with huevos rancheros for breakfast.  The ingredients are super basic, and most of us probably have them in our kitchen right now.  I used all-purpose flour, potato flakes (aka instant mashed potatoes), kosher salt, instant yeast, and olive oil.

The time-consuming part of this recipe is really in the hands-off periods.  Once you mix the warm water and 2 cups of flour, you have to let it sit for 30 minutes.  Then you add the remaining ingredients and knead the dough 5 minutes and allow it to rise for an hour.  Your last resting phase is after you divide the dough into 8 balls with a 15 to 30 minute rest.  We opted for just the 15 minute rest.

I used a french rolling pin to roll out all of the balls into roughly 8" circles.  I did pretty well getting them round, which isn't usually the case.  I'm not known for my rolling pin skills.

We used a cast iron griddle to cook our soft wrap bread.  I forgot to grab a photo before hubby flipped it when it was all bubbly.  It bubbles up beautifully when you start cooking them.  They reheat really well in the toaster oven or on a hot griddle as well.

They made the perfect carrier for the falafel we had for dinner and were delicious paired with our huevos rancheros.  The recipe makes eight, and while I'm sure they would freeze well, I'd have to make a double batch to find out.  Right now there are only two of them left in the fridge and I'm gonna guess they will be eaten before the weeks out.

When you live in Interior Alaska, you learn to adapt and make it yourself when times change and challenges arise.  I really love how simple this recipe is and the fact that it's just basics to make something so delicious.  I can't wait to try them as a pizza crust.