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Alaskan Life - It’s Called Breakup

The rest of the world calls it spring because the snow melts, the sun shines, and things turn green. In Alaska it’s called breakup because the snow and ice breakup everywhere, things melt, mud happens, ice jams happen, flooding happens. There is nothing pretty about any of it, and while I don’t know the history behind the term it does liken itself to an ugly breakup. It’s messy, no one likes it, and it’ll all be fine once it’s over.

This year our driveway has a bit of a creek running through down it, the picnic table is currently sitting in a pond and there’s a lake in the backyard. Yet, in spite of it all, we get views like this on our evening walks.  The light is nearing the 24-hour mark rapidly. The geese and swans are coming back as well. 

Life in Alaska is hard, don’t let anyone else tell you differently. When I say it's hard I don't mean in the ridiculously portrayed reality tv way.  I mean in the it snows and you have winter for 7 months, you have 4 hours of daylight for what can feel like an eternity, but is really only about four months, and your driveway might turn in to a river during breakup way.  The flip side is that summers are amazing here. You just have to endure the cold winters, the dark, and breakup to get to them.