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6 Kitchen Must Haves

Every cook has a list of must-haves and they all have an opinion on where to get them.  Today I'm gonna talk a bit about six of my must-haves, but before that, I want to be upfront and let you know I have linked all of these to affiliate links on Amazon in case you don't have access to my recommended store to purchase these items.  Remember affiliate links don't cost you anything to use, they just give me a little pocket change if you use them.

Ok, so what is my recommended store - a restaurant supply house.  Most supply houses are open to the public and you don't need any special access to shop at one.  All of these items were purchased at a restaurant supply house, with the exception of the bench knife.  If there is one in your area I strongly recommend you seek it out.  The supply house, which will be in some warehouse-style building in the less stylish, more industrial part of town.

Restaurant supply houses are great places to get any number of items at adorable prices.   Many of the items I'm recommending today will be half the price they are on Amazon, some might be even less expensive.  When you buy restaurant-quality your cookware will be durable and stand up to most of the kitchen abuse you throw at it.   Besides the six items here I've purchased various sizes of "cookie" scooped, cooling racks, roasting pan, spreader knives, dip cups, and even our favorite blended coffee mix just to name a few.  Enough rambling about supply houses, here's my list of six.

Bench Knife
Bench Knife -
I have and OXO Bench Knife also called a bench scraper.  I've linked to a similar one on Amazon.  This is quite possibly the most used tool in our kitchen.  When I asked for it many years ago for Christmas, hubby thought I was a bit crazy, but got it for me anyway.  We both use it so much it lives in the top rack of our dishes drainer.

Tongs -
Good tongs are always so hard to find, and it seems like the more "features" the sooner they fall apart.  We have several pairs of tongs like these and they have held up great!  Tongs are essential to any kitchen.  These are great for the kitchen, but also better than any grill tong we ever owned.

5-quart Mixing Bowl
5-quart Mixing Bowl with Non-slip Bottom -
I'll confess I bought my big stainless steel bowl on a whim because I'd always wanted a large stainless steel bowl.  It's always great to have a large bowl, and I have a few, many of which are plastic.  After buying the stainless steel one, my plastic ones serve mostly as cake covers.  It has become my go-to bowl because of its non-slip bottom.  This bowl won't move when mixing, beating or stirring ingredients.

French Rolling Pin

French Rolling Pin -
I still remember when I told my mom how excited I was about my new French rolling pin, of which I was promptly told I wouldn't like it and that I'd go back to the marble one she'd given me.  That didn't happen.  The marble pin was donated to a thrift store somewhere in one of our moves and I 've never looked back.  I love my french pin, it's light, easy to use and easy to care for.  Not to mention it fits in a kitchen drawer and doesn't require a stand to keep it from rolling out of the cupboard.

Metal Spatula
Metal Spatula -
If your pans are all nonstick, move on, but if you're a cast iron or other metal pan user you need a good metal spatula or three.  Yes, I said three.  We have three and quite honestly four would be better.  Don't judge.  Get something that is durable and will hold up to a lot of use, not something cheap from an unnamed big box store.  I'm also gonna suggest something with a plastic, dishwasher safe handle.

Aluminum Half Sheet Pans
Aluminum Half Sheet Pans -
Again quality counts here, don't buy some "as advertised" air cushion pan, or get cheap cookie sheets from that same unnamed box store.  Restaurant quality sheet pans are the key to having amazing results.  I wish I'd know about these before because I can now make evenly baked cookies every time!!!  I also own these same pans in the quarter sheet size.

I hope you'll think about upgrading your kitchen with these six items.  What's more, I hope you really do seek out the restaurant supply house in your area.  If you love to cook as much as I do you won't be disappointed.  Enjoy!