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Cooking Every Meal for the Last 57 Days

The other day while eating my lunch on the patio and enjoying the sun, it dawned on me, I have cooked every meal we've eaten for that last 57 days.  Yes.  Every. Meal.  Kind of crazy when you think about that.  We've not eaten out, we've not gotten carry out, nor have we grabbed something from the grocery store deli.  I can honestly say, I haven't really missed eating out.  
Here's a look at some of the things we've indulged in and enjoyed.

French Dip, Fries, & Star Fruit

Spanikopita & Starfruit

Mongolian Beef over Rice

Rum Cake

Focaccia Bread (We've made this twice)

Soft Wrap Bread (So far this one's at three and counting)

Instant Pot Pork Ribs, Potato Salad and Baked Beans 

Meatloaf, Foccacia Bread, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, & Peas

Scotch Eggs & Hashbrown Patties

Garlic Bread Chicken Nuggets & Fries

Grilled Pork with Salsa Verde, Mexican Rice & Refried Beans

Fry Bread

No-Stir Granola (I've made two batches of this so far too) 

Barley Pioneer Bread

Popeyes Copycat Chicken Sandwich, Cheesy Tots & Pickles

Poutine, made with homemade fries

London Broil, Salad, Baked Potatoes & Sauteed Mushrooms

Cinnamon Rolls

Buffalo Chicken Tatertot Casserole

Classic White Sandwich Bread (Three loaves into this recipe)

Bacon & Cheese Dutch Baby

Cranberry Crumble

Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza

Jalapeno Cheddar Dutch Oven Bread

Kraut-Kelyean (Bierocks)

Grilled Boneless Spare Ribs, Fried Potatoes & Green Been Casserole

Khachapuri (Georgia Cheese Bread or as we refer to it Egg Bread)

Those are just some of the fantastic things I've made.  I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up this cooking marathon when I go back to work, but I can say I'm going to try.  I honestly feel better eating my own food, I love cooking and I'm so glad to have rekindled my love of food and cooking during this trying time in our lives.


  1. That all looks amazing. John and I prefer my cooking to eating out too.

    1. I think we're the same way. We eat out because we're lazy, not because it tastes better.


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