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Life Hack for Leftovers

We're all cooking a lot more right now.  Yes, I know things are beginning to open back up around the nation, but this is gonna take some time.  I also think we'll continue to cook more, at least I know we will in our house.  That said, I thought I'd share this quick tip with you all.

I know what a struggle it can be to keep track of all the leftover bits that go into the fridge, with the promise to use it later.  Very often that promise is broken.  Leftover toppings for tacos, that spot of pizza sauce, maybe half a can of beans; all go in, never to be used.  Found months later, unidentifiable, ending up in the trash.   

My life hack for leftovers a small dry-erase board (similar to this one) that hangs on the front of our fridge.  I write all the leftovers on the board, as they go into the fridge. 

It's making packing hubby's lunches easier.  It also helps me when I'm planning and making dinner.  I can easily see what needs to be used up, reinvented, or can be paired together for a quick dinner.

This hack also helps cut down on the food waste in our house, those little containers no longer god to the back of the fridge to die.  I often keep track of how many servings of something remains, especially if we've opted to divide leftovers into containers for lunches. 

It may seem like more step when you're cleaning up from dinner, but trust me it's worth it.  Especially if you want to stop tossing so many leftovers.  Sure much of that food waste can go into the compost, but let's be honest most of us just toss it.

I hope this helps you get a jump on all the little containers of goodies lurking in the fridge before they turn into mystery bits to toss. 


  1. This is such a good idea! I seriously need to start doing this!

    1. It sure helps us A LOT!!! Hope it works for you as well!


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