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Recipe Review: The Kitchn Crispy Sheet Pan Gnocchi and Veggies

I'm always looking for new recipe ideas for dinner that are meatless but are something Hubby will still enjoy.  Not all meatless meals are man-friendly.  Nough said!

Recipe:  Crispy Sheet Pan Gnocchi and Veggies
Source:  The Kitchn
Level of Difficulty:  Easy
Ingredients:  Mostly Fresh
Rating:  ★★★★

Sheet Pan Gnocchi is easy to make, but finding gnocchi could be a challenge depending on where you live.  I buy Cordabella Potato Gnocchi at our commissary, but you can order gnocchi on Amazon if you can't find it in your local store.  

I added asparagus and mushrooms to the veggies and use chopped bell pepper in place of the baby bell peppers called for.  I also finished the dish by serving it with some pearl mozzarella.  

Next time I make this I will opt for Italian seasoning over the rosemary.  Rosemary was okay, but I think it would be a better dish without it.  I will leave out the tomatoes, they didn't add much to the dish.  I'd rather trade them for some sundried tomatoes in the finishing of the dish as well.

This dish could easily be done with pasta as well.  I would roast the veggies, cook the pasta according to the doneness preferred, toss the veggies and pasta together and dress it with a little additional olive oil.

I like recipes like this because they are very easy to make your own with a few adjustments.  Make the dish yours by swapping in the flavors you prefer.