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Snapshots of Our Alaskan Life

If you live in rural Alaska, you know when someone says “town” they mean the nearest large city, usually Anchorage or Fairbanks depending on where they live.  Translation - town means the “big” city. Last Friday we went to town for the first time since the COVID-19 Pandemic started.  It has been nearly three months, the longest we’ve ever gone without going to town.  

We enjoyed our first meal in a restaurant in 70 days.  Yes, 70!  I know there are other states still under  quarantine, but the state of Alaska opened back up for business as usual with a side of social distancing last Friday.  We opted for one of our faves - Friar Tucks  Hoagie House.  The weather was even nice enough to sit outside.  I can only tell you that the French dip is amazing and you really must get the Hoo Doo cheese fries with it.  That’s what we order every single time we eat there.  We did change it up with an order of the pretzels with Hoo Doo cheese sauce, but hunger took over and the photo op was well past when it dawned on me.  I’m sure the rest of the menu is delicious, but I will probably never know as long as the French dip is an option.

I picked got a little rosemary to add to the greenhouse.  We got the new window for the kitchen ordered.  Checked out pellet stoves for the house, as that’s on the list of “do before winter comes” projects.  Snagged the shower pan boarder tile for the mater bath remodel project we’re working on.   Picked up shingles for some roof repairs.  Last but not least, grabbed a few groceries and a much needed new coffee pot.  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that ours died last Thursday.  

We spent our Saturday working on projects in the yard, mostly garden prep.  I got one of my 4x4 foot raised beds planted with seeds for some of the root veggies I want to grow this year.  I’m trying something different, planting in sections rather than rows.  Trying beets and rutabaga for the first time, giving parsnips another go and some carrots.  Hubby worked on the compost pile.  We’ve struggled trying to get our to actually work the way it should, so this year we reworked the entire pile.  Here’s hoping we have the right start for the season.  

It truly is Spring in Alaska when your Egg Lady is back in business.  There is nothing like a farm fresh egg.  Since we buy our eggs from a friend of ours, there’s always a slew of chicken jokes that come with purchasing eggs, or depending on the time of year, a chicken strike.   Every year is a bit different, but chickens in Alaska go through a funk and stop laying and my supply of fresh eggs dries up.  I’m not sure why the chickens quit laying.  Maybe it’s the lack of day light, maybe it’s just the chicken way up here.  I go back to buying eggs at the store until the chicken picket lines ends.   

I should have started this post by talking about how very Unalaska we are.  Most of us live normal lives, we don’t do all the crazy things you see on reality TV shows.  As for us, we aren’t even as Alaskan as some of our friends.  We don’t own an ATV and we don’t have a dog sled team.  We don’t hunt or fish.  We don’t hike and we don’t forage.  We just aren’t Alaskan.  We live here because this is where the job was.  What I hope share with you is a snapshot of what real life is like up here without the glamor of reality tv being sold to the rest of the world.  If you have questions, drop them in the comments.  I’m happy to answer them.  We’ve lived here a little over eight years, and I don’t know it all, but I know a lot.