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Weekly Reading Notes

Weekly Reading Notes is a weekly feature I've been thinking about trying.  I read a lot of amazing blogs every week and I want to share what I'm reading and the takeaways I have from each article.

I Asked My Co-Workers How They Butter Toast. It Got Weird. - Ok, let's be real, who's not gonna read an article with a title like that?  What I took away is that  I think I need a Japanese Butter Knife.

6 Little Gadgets Every Butter-Lover Should Own - Is there a theme? Not really, but this article brings us the Butter Mill.  Yes, please!  This could change every baker's world.

Deli-Style Whipped Cream Cheese - If only I could get my hands on good bakery bagels!  

20 Awesome Avocado Varieties (Type A & Type B Avocados Explained) - I had no idea there were so many kinds of Avocados.  I do love it when we travel to Hawaii and can get the varieties that make the Hass look like a mini version.  

Aldi Has a Good Reason for Not Playing Any Music in Its Stores - While I no longer have access to an Aldi store, I will literally read any article I find on this franchise.  As some who suffers frequently from too much noise stimulus a store with no music is such a peaceful experience.  

Sourdough Starter: Why a “dry” starter is best - This is more of a watch than a read, but it totally fascinated me.  I might give sourdough another try after having seen this.

Vermicomposting 101: How to Create & Maintain a Simple Worm Bin - I don't always read about food.  Lately, I've been doing a lot of reading about gardening.  Hubby and I are thinking about worms, and this article makes me think this is something we could do.

25+Ways to Use Fruit Powders - I love the idea of adding powdered fruit to my yogurt to make some of the flavors I miss.  I got rid of flavored yogurt out of my life a long time ago because of the high sugar.  Fruit powder would be great to dry in the fruit season so I can use it all winter.

The future of fine dining? An exclusive biodome for you and your date - As an introvert, I'm all on board with this ideas, pandemic social distancing rules or not.  I'd love to eat outside in my own space like this, so much less noise, and it would limit eavesdropping.  Who wouldn't love a more intimate setting like this?