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Weekly Reading Notes

What did I read?  Here's the list.

Pandemic Gardens are Trending - We already had plans for a garden this year, but I'd be lying if I said this wasn't part of our reasoning when it came time to plant seeds.  We're planting a bit more than we normally would, and we'll be exploring storage ideas as we see what produces and how much.

How the sausage gets made: This butcher wants people to eat less meat - For me, the interesting part of the article was about a third of the way down the page when she started talking about using veggies as filler and binder in place of the traditional less appetizing fillers.  Sadly Seemore Meats & Veggies isn't available in my area, but I'd totally try them if they were!

The Secret to Better Egg Salad? Grill Your Eggs - Say What?  I've heard of the traditional boiled egg.  Making them in the oven thanks, Alton Brown.  I've even learned that you can make them in the Instant Pot.  Now we can grill them?  Oh, and if you read the full article, you'll learn you can smoke them when you're done.  What?

How to Kill or Remove Grass (& Grow Food Not Lawns!) - This isn't a new concept in our house, we really aren't lawn people.  We dug up a lovely lawn when we lived in Missouri.  Currently, we have a small bit of acreage with a limited lawn so we haven't opted to tear it out yet.  My take away from this though was just how amazing this project ended up.  Do things in phases and plant a more interesting yard, even if you don't grow food.

Why a Jar of Roasted Red Peppers Should Be in Everyone’s Pantry - I have to admit I haven't had a jar of these in the pantry for a while, but with these great ideas, I'll be adding it to the next grocery list.  I'd like to try using it in place of tomatoes in pasta sauce.

I Ate Chicken for a Whole Year and Wrote a Cookbook All About It. Here Are 10 (Sometimes Surprising!) Things I Learned. - This is totally worth the read, especially if you make a lot of chicken.  I learned that dry brining can actually be better for you chicken, not to mention way less work than the wet brine.  #5 is a game-changer in my opinion and so is #7.  This is gonna change my chicken game.

Dirty Pages - This is a project that really tugs at my heartstrings.  Do you have dirty pages that you cook from, your mother cooked from, or maybe your grandmother cooked from.  Look for the dirty pages in the old cookbooks, you'll find the recipes of many memories.  You can also here and interview here - Why You Should Definitely Learn Your Grandma's Recipes.

It’s not your imagination: Grocery bills are rising, and these are the main culprits - Let's face it with the craziness that has happened if you didn't expect this you might be living under a rock.  The part that concerns me is that these prices most likely won't go back down, even after the food chain is pieced back together.

The Community Cookbook Is Reborn for a Time of Scarcity and Sharing - I love a good community cookbook or as we affectionately refer to them "church" cookbooks.  So many of them from my childhood and currently in my collection are just that, church cookbooks.  Yes, there are recipes for aspic salad in many of them, but they also house some of the best recipes I've ever made.  My much-loved butterscotch oatmeal cookie recipe comes from the pages of a cookbook like this.  This story of community cookbooks being reborn just warms my heart.