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Garden Update

Because I write posts ahead the garden updates are about a week behind what's really happening.  This week we're talking about last weekend's work.  

We got the potato beds finished and got the seed potatoes in the ground.  It may not look like much, but under each pile of staw is a variety of seed potatoes.  This is our second time trying the potato tower idea.  We've done a bit of a variation from the first year.  We'll layer on more straw as the potatoes grow.  Wish us luck!

The first sets of Blue Lake beans I planted have come out of the ground.  We've also established that some of our much older bean seeds just need to be tossed.  We won't talk about how old they are, but they just don't have any sprouting power left.  

I've been pollinating squash with a small watercolor brush.   We have beautiful blossoms but since they're located in the greenhouse I'm not sure the bees are visiting them to get the pollen spread around.  

My sage and marjoram seeds have sprouted.  I'm pretty delighted to add these to the herb mix this year.  I now have mint, dill, rosemary, cilantro, basil, sage, marjoram, and oregano.  There are some garlic chives, but I'm not sure their seeds are any good either.

Tomatoes are blooming and starting to climb.  I'm kind of excited about having homegrown tomatoes again this year.  

I moved the sunflower to the greenhouse.  I'll be working on hardening him off so I can plant him outside in front of the house.

The last update is the sunshade we installed.  This will help us better moderate the temps in the greenhouse this year.  

That's it for the work that was put in last week.  Stay tuned for more next week.