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Garden Update

Garden updates will start changing and slowing down a bit now that everything is planted.  Now we reap what we sew as it grows and bears fruit.

My sunflower has started blooming in the past week.  It was a pleasant little surprise on the morning I discovered it starting to open.  

Our corn has sprouted and is looking successful so far.  We're hoping that the rain doesn't stay for the summer, because if we can get some good sun and maybe some heat our corn should produce a little something.  

Our raspberries are so green and are starting to look lush and lovely.  Since this photo was taken we've begun the process of clearing the grass and weeds to make room for some wood chip mulch.  We've also added some fertilizer specifically for berries.  

I was able to do some herb harvesting last week as well.  Mint, cilantro, and basil are just a few of the herbs I have planted.  I love going to the greenhouse and clipping some things for dinner or some mint for my tea.  

We were able to eat our first harvest of salad greens last week.  Lettuce, endive, mesclun mix, and there's a little cilantro in there as well.  We had this little collection of greens with homemade spaghetti and no-knead bread.  

I've saved the best for last.  We were walking the yard over the weekend and discovered that we have three chokecherries that came back.  About three years ago we planted something like 12 little saplings.  Last year we were pretty sure we'd lost them all, but this year there are three of them coming back from the root!!!  We're thrilled, as all of the other fruit-bearing saplings we've planted in the past eight years have never lived through the winter.  Here's hoping these little guys take off this summer and get high enough they won't need flag tape to keep us from running them over with the mower.