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Garden Update

The excitement this past week was getting our new compost thermometer in the mail from Amazon.  You wouldn't believe what a struggle composting is for us in Alaska.  We're fighting the good fight, but this is nowhere as easy as it was when we living in Missouri.

I'm still reaping the bounty of herbs I've planted this year.  The bounty in the pic below went into a yogurt sauce for Gyros we had for dinner one night last week.  I get a lot of pleasure in popping out to the greenhouse to harvest a little bit of this and a little bit of that for dinner.  

We have TOMATOES!!!  They're green and tiny, but we have tomatoes.  I can't wait for them to grow and ripen. Our Moskvich tomatoes were the first to bloom and fruit, but we have flowers on nearly every plant now and several of them are developing fruit.  

We have a pumpkin, and I'm hopeful that it was pollinated.  If it wasn't then it won't grow and will eventually just fall off the vine.  These are pie pumpkins and will be great for roasting and baking with come fall.

The corn is up and it is growing, slowly.  We've had a bit of a wet week last week, so here's hoping we get some warmer, dryer weather in the coming weeks.  We need this corn to grow a little faster.

The raspberries patch has begun blooming and the bees are busy in the raspberry row.  We finished weeding and mulching them this past weekend as well.  This year will be our first year with a nice bit of fruit to harvest if all goes well.

I have beets and rutabaga flourishing in their little squares.  My carrots and parsnips were duds.  I guess two out of four on the root crop planting aren't bad odds.

Potatoes are finally starting to come in and fill in their towers.  All of our varieties have come up, we should have some good taters in the fall when we harvest.  Trying just mounding them with straw to see how that works this year.

I finally have the celery planted in a container in the greenhouse.  If you know me in real life you're probably scratching your head wondering why I'm growing celery.  I honestly hate raw celery.  I've tried, but I just can't do the stringy texture.  I do however dehydrate it for soups, stews, and the like.  

The huckleberries are blooming like crazy so our plan to transplant them to the yard has been put on hold.  We don't want to transplant them and lose the potential for berry harvest this year so we'll transplant them after the berries.  

We also had a small casualty in the greenhouse this past weekend.  We've got a bit of a vole problem and our Hedy dog was in the greenhouse with me and saw one.  The chase was on and the sunflower fell victim.  I'm going to dry it and see if the seeds in the head will grow new flowers next year.