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Garden Update

If you saw my IG tv video a couple weeks ago, I happy to report the weeding situation really hasn't changed all that much.  Weeding isn't a high priority for us.  We're more gorilla gardeners than we are neat and tidy with a picket fence gardeners.  

The raspberries are coming in amazing, while it's hard to see in this photo. they are filling in their fence line quite nicely this year.

The greenhouse is full and flourishing.  We're trying hard with a few things that maybe aren't suited for the greenhouse space, but as I told you when I started sharing this story, everything is always an experiment.

Celery and zucchini plants are really doing quite nicely.  Some things are slow to go, but it's not the plants, a few things were planted a little later than they should have been.

The wall of tomatoes is going and fruiting and I can't wait to pull some red beauties off the vine.  We may have to top a few of them on the end closest in the photo, as they are reaching the six-foot ceiling quickly.  I took this just before I trimmed a bunch of the lettuce in the ladder on the far wall.

Beats and rutabagas are flourishing.  I'm still a little sad that there will be no carrots this year.  Next year's seed purchases will be done a little differently.  Can't wait to try homegrown beats!

This is one of four potato towers.  We honestly weren't sure some of our spuds were gonna come up, but all the towers are now full and flourishing.  We're growing mounding with straw this year to see how that works.

The two pumpkins we planed outside are doing well, but something stole the one pumpkin I had grown out there.  The joys of gardening with critters in the wild.  

Here's a better shot of the raspberries and how well they are filling in.  This year the bushes are loaded with flowers, which the bees have been loving.  We're hoping for a nice harvest.  

The corn is growing, this photo doesn't do it justice.  I would wager a guess that some of the stalks are about 12-inches high.  Will we get corn?  We have no idea, but it's fun to experiment and see what happens. 

I've been harvesting lots of lettuce and herbs so far this season.  I'm really looking forward to tomatoes and hope some of them start into the ripening phase soon!