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Recipe Review: Food Wishes Lemon Bars

I've made a number of recipes over the years.  Many good ones, a few less than impressive ones, but never one this good.  I can honestly say, without a doubt, I love this recipe!  I've made it twice in the last couple of months.  They are that good.

Recipe:  Lemon Bars
Source:  Food Wishes
Level of Difficulty:  Easy
Ingredients:  Pantry Staples, Fresh Lemon
Rating:  ★★★★★
Printable PDF:  Chef John's Lemon Bars

These lemon bars are the bomb!  There I said it.  They are by far the best lemon bars I’ve ever made.  If you’re looking for a lemon bar that will taste like the ones you get in a real bonfire day bakery, these are it!  I also love the fact that they make and 8x8 pan, perfect for a house of two.

They come together easily and bake up beautifully.  I highly suggest the recipe, but I also highly suggest watching the video as well.  The crust is buttery and flaky, while the lemon layer is creamy, custard, and very lemony.  I think the reason these are so delicious is that it maximizes the lemon flavor.  By using both the lemon juice and the zest, you’re getting the lemony tartness of the juice and the floral, fragrant lemon oil of the zest.

Chef John also gives you the option of using the leftover egg whites for a midrange on top.  I’ve not tried that option.  I‘m a traditionalist and love a lemon bar, dusted with powdered sugar.  I usually use the leftover egg whites to make coconut macaroons.

I fell that this lemon bar recipe should be in every baker’s arsenal of recipes.  Relatively easy to make and look stunning to present with just a dusting of powdered sugar.  Make them for the next office carry-in and everyone will be asking for the recipe.