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Snapshots from Our Alaskan Life

If you read my article On Writing a Cookbook, you know I've been doing a bit of a "reloaded" version of my own cookbooks from several years back.  I've been testing, editing, and rewriting my own cookbooks.  It's interesting to see how much my cooking and our tastes have changed over the last 15+ years.

We've been getting a lot of rain as of late, and a few mornings ago I caught an amazing sunrise with the mist lifting.  Snagged this at 5am on June 1st, the sun is coming up a lot earlier now.  We're nearing the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year.  

Road construction is part of everyone's life during the summer.  Snapped this on my way in to get the mail the other day while stopped waiting for the pilot car to come our way.  

Break in the rain, clouds reflecting in the puddles.  We're all hoping that the rainy season won't last the whole summer.  Where we live there seems to be two kinds of summers - wet and rainy or hot and smokey.  When it's hot, we get very dry and that's when the forest fires start.  

My happy place right now.  I'm totally loving spending time in my garden and greenhouse.  the month of June is usually spent working crazy hours for a training that we do through my work, but with COVID-19 that was canceled.  I actually get to enjoy June and fuss in the garden.  

I really love it when the sun shines in Alaska, we get some amazing clouds and blue sky.  Yes, that's a little rain rolling, but who doesn't love a sky that looks like this?  I miss my Wyoming sunsets this time of year, but the summer light and beautiful skies like this almost make Alaska worth it.

I'll be enjoying my summer off and working in our garden.  This is the summer of resting in our lives and getting our priorities back on track.  Here's hoping the rain ends and moves on.  I want a warm summer, not a wet one.  Summers are short and this past winter seemed exceptional long this year.