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Snapshots of Our Alaskan Life

Our summer has been rainier than I prefer.  We've spent a lot more time under gloomy skies than any Alaskan like this time of year.  The rain is always good, but we've hit the "too much of a good thing" phase.  

We took advantage of the break in the rain over the past weekend and went on a day trip to a few of the local lakes, enjoyed a short hike and had a picnic lunch.  It was so good to get out into the sun and enjoy it.  More on our adventure soon!

This is our view when we head to town.  No, I wasn't driving.  I stopped on the road, the joy of living where there isn't much traffic.  The sky was just beautiful the morning I took this and I had to capture the clouds. 

My morning routine during the week is to get hubby off to work and then take my coffee and head to the greenhouse and check plants.  I water every few days, if the sun is shining I open the windows up and let the fresh air in, I hand pollinate the squash and cucumber blossoms, and I pinch off any suckers that have popped up on the tomato plants.

We've been eating a lot of meals with fresh veggies and fruit.  This happens to be dinner the evening after our day trip.  Homemade bread with goat cheese, tomatoes, radish sprouts, and some nectarine.  We've gotten very into sprouts and they are such a simple way to add fresh ingredients to your routine.

Can we just talk about this bread?  I mean seriously, I may never go back to making other loaf styles again.  I'm totally addicted to this no-knead bread from Glenn & Friends Cooking.  We counted up loaves the other night and this is something like the seventh or eighth loaf I've made.  If you want more about my obsession you should check out my review of the recipe here and my obsession here.