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The Fairy Garden

This round bed sits in front of our house and for the first few years we lived here was a struggle to grow anything in.  There are two huge "Poplar" Aspen trees in the middle of it and there were some very neglected wild strawberries.  We moved into the house in June of 2013 and I worked on a lot of other projects before I got to this baren bed.

2015, the bed looked very much as it had when we moved in.  I'd raked out all the dead leaves, each year, but not much else was done to this bed until 2015.

May of 2015

2016, I decided to tear out all the strawberries out, dig up the bed, and add some mulch and fertilizer to the soil.  I added a little "water feature" to it and played with the idea of putting potted flowers in the bed.  

June 2016

2017, I reverted back to the strawberry plan and started trying to transplant native plants from our yard into the bed.  Unfortunately, the Queen Anne's Lace in this photo didn't come back the following year.  

June 2017

Then in July, I started seeing fairy gardens all over the place.  I was fascinated by the idea of taking a small bed and turning it into yard art.  I added more clay saucers for more water and laid out some rock "paths" through the bed.  

July 2017

I had visions of the strawberries taking over and being all lush and lovely.  I can't say that happened the way I saw it in my head, but keep reading.

July 2017

By August, I thought I was making great progress with this bed.  We'd transplanted a couple of wild roses and there was some wild chamomile flowers that volunteered to pop up.

August 2017

I added glass rocks, mermaid tears if you prefer, to the clay saucers.  I also had a little success with a sunflower growing from seed in the bed. 

August 2017

2018, brought more rock "paths and I added more wild strawberries.  This is the point where I officially started calling it a fairy garden.

May 2018

July things were looking pretty good compared to where I'd stated in 2015.  I even had a few berries on the strawberry plants.  The Yarrow I planted took hold as well.

July 2018

2019, was a year of nothing.  We were busy with a lot of other projects, so I just left the bed and let it do its own thing.  I didn't even take a single photo of the bed.  The only thing we did was add some fertilizer to the bed in the fall.

2020, the year of social distancing and staying home.  I raked the dead leaves out of the bed in April, once the snow had melted.  

April 2020

The clay saucers got an update with some bright colored spray paint and the glass rocks all got a much-needed spring bath.  

April 2020

Fast forward a little to June, and here's the little fairy garden now.  Full of lush green native plants.  Yes, native.  I haven't planted anything that doesn't already grow on our property.

June 2020

The little water features are still in there, hidden in beautiful green strawberries, with tufts of tall grass, prickly rose, wild iris, northern yarrow, arctic cinquefoil, and hawksbeard.

June 2020

Last week I added a little fairy swing.  Made this little piece with some limbs I recently trimmed from trees in our yard and some twine from my supply stash.

June 2020

I love having this beautiful space in front of our house.  The birds use the little ponds to bath, and the glass rocks make it easy for pollinators like butterflies and bees to stop by for a drink now and then.  We also get to harvest the strawberries from the space as well.  I hope to add some yellow paintbrush and maybe some artic lupine to the mix this year.  Might even try to move some of the pussytoes I found.