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What I Read This Week

10 Groceries That We’ll Never Take for Granted Again - Read this there was a bit of head shaking in agreement, but there were also some faces of disagreement.  My yes' from the list would be yeast, chocolate chips, chicken, milk flour, eggs, and oats.  I don't use tofu, and I'd guess neither do most of my readers.  Lemons or limes would be a huge bonus, but I'd opt for the more shelf-stable version of True Lemon and Lime.  I'll admit there is puff pastry in my freezer and I don't use it much. 

Opinion: Software to Swallow — Impossible Foods Should Be Called Impossible Patents - I have no desire to eat fake meat.  This seems to be the "margarine" of our generation.  Thanks, but I'll pass.  This is an interesting perspective and worth the read.  

What Happens When Trademarked Food Names Become Generic? - In researching the term "bundt" I came across this article.  I found it very interesting and learned how some famous brands became victims of "genericide" and how it happened in several different cases.  

We Have Been Storing These Foods Wrong Way Our Entire Life. Here The Right Way To Do It. - I’ve followed #6 my entire life. I didn’t know others didn’t until I was an adult.  Are you storing things "wrong" or have you done some of these things forever?

Why and How to Grow Microgreens At Home - I've been experimenting with growing microgreens this year.  I would love to keep up with this as we move through the seasons,  we'll see if I can.  This is a great article if you're on the fence about trying it yourself.Ve

Chain restaurants have permanently closed over 500 locations so far in 2020. Here's the full list. - I'm not a big fan of chain restaurants, but they serve a purpose and fill a need.  There's a number of doors being shut permanently. 

20 Cut & Come Again Veggies for an Endless Supply of Free Food - I have a few of theses crops in the greenhouse, some of which have started to supply bounty for our table.