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Monday Postscript - Berry Picking

Good Morning.  It's a beautiful morning here in Alaska.  I have a bit of a busy day ahead of me today, but I'm taking a minute to talk about part of our weekend.  Sunday we went out to do some berry picking.  It's blueberry and raspberry picking season.  

One thing you learn when you harvest berries in Alaska, you have to find your own spot and you don't disclose where that spot is.  Our spot this year was perfect and full of lovely little plump berries.  

Berry season is very unpredictable, some seasons are bountiful and others not so much.  We didn't get a chance to harvest last year, timing and weather were never on our side.  The year before the berries were smaller and not as juicy.  

Wild berry harvesting was never something I did until we moved to Alaska, but they are so easy to find and harvest here.  We have strawberries, raspberries, and cranberries in our yard.  We have our spot for blueberries and we found another great place to get raspberries this weekend as well.

We harvested eight pints of wild blueberries.  Four cups of the blueberries have gone to making blueberry liqueur.  I'll use some of these fresh, but a majority of the remainder of the blueberries will be frozen for the winter.  I'll use them for baking muffins, cobblers, etc. 

I will spend some time today cleaning berries and preparing them to freeze.  I'll flash freeze them, meaning once they are cleaned I will lay them on a tray and place the tray in the freezer.  After the berries are frozen they'll go into containers for use later.  This keeps the berries from becoming one big clump while they wait to be used this winter.  

In our harvesting this weekend we also got a pint of raspberries.  While they are coming into ripeness they're not abundantly ripe...yet.  

The plan is to go back out next weekend to check the raspberries and maybe pick a few more blueberries.

The raspberries that we gathered yesterday went into a bottle to brew and become raspberry liqueur.