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Our June Day Trip

We've spent most of May and June focused on yard work and getting the garden going.  We hadn't taken any time for downtime until this past Saturday.  On Friday evening over dinner, I asked Hubby what he thought about taking a drive on Saturday and he agreed that was a great idea.  

Our original plan was to drive what we call the triangle (see map below), but we got a late start.  There was a little sleeping in and a loaf of no-knead bread that needed baking before we could start our day.  The weather also looked a bit iffy at 8 am, so we opted to stick closer to home.

Having never really spent any time at Quartz and Little Lost Lakes we opted to take the 20-minute drive and have a picnic lunch.  While the day-use area parking was a bit flooded we got one of two dry parking spaces, being the only ones there.  

There's a nice hiking trail in the area, we opted to walk part of the trail before having lunch.  The trail was a haven for dragonflies, there were literally everywhere!  

When I say tons of dragonflies, I mean there were tons of them and of all sizes.  This was the first time, since living up here, I saw the small blue dragonflies I remember from childhood. Most of the dragonflies I've seen in Alaska have been the huge ones like the one below.  

Our hike revealed other fun vegetation I'd never seen before.  Like this Broomrape or Ground Cone, which happens to be a parasite that grows on the roots of Mountain Alder.  

We also found a small patch of Puffball Mushrooms, which according to some of what I read, are edible.  I prefer to just photography mushrooms in the wild.  No harvesting for me.  The only things I forage are the berries, specifically strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and cranberry.

We caught a glimpse of a squirrel trying very hard to pretend he was a tree branch, hoping we didn't see him.  

After the hike, there was a little picnic lunch of mostly snack and finger type foods.  No picnic is complete without chicken, we had wings and tenders from the local grocery store deli.

While we were eating lunch there was a dragonfly that was very attracted to Hubby's striped shirt.  The little fella was even color-coordinated with the shirt.  

Little Lost Lake, was a beautiful spot, with a well-used foot dock into the lake.  I found it to be a beautiful space for photography, but I think it'd be a great place for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing.  No motorized boats in this little lake.

We ended our outing by grabbing an ice cream and wandering around Rika's Landing.  We try to make it out to this historic site a few times a year, while it's open for the summer season.  This year it seems a bit more important to frequent the cafe and gift shop with the tourism being in a slump for our state.  

I really love wandering around and capturing beautiful light, both inside the buildings and outside on the grounds.  They do a fabulous job with the historic displays in all of the buildings on the property.

I couldn't resist snagging a few shots of the Columbines in the late afternoon sunlight, backlit, and covered in cotton from the trees.  

I'm looking forward to more little trips around the state this year.  This is going to be the year for us to explore our own state and support local businesses this summer.