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Thursday Postscript - 16 June, 2020

The rain is back.  I was just starting to really enjoy the sunshine and the rain is back.  I spent some time yesterday working in the yard.  I weeded and mulched the rose bed.  This task was long overdue and I'm glad it's completed.  

I picked another two cups of wild berries.  There is something very enjoyable and peaceful about sitting in the yard picking berries listening to the birds and watching the bees and butterflies travel around our yard.

This batch of strawberries was turned into a puree and went into the dehydrator to become fruit leather, along with a couple of trays of rhubarb leather.  I haven't done much in the way of making fruit leather.  I took them out this morning and both are delicious.  I could have made them a little thicker, but the flavor is fresh and yummy!

There's a lone zucchini growing in the greenhouse, a couple more days, and I can pick it for eating.  We haven't grown zucchini since living in Missouri and I have to admit I'm a little excited to see the fruits on the plant.  

We have plans to travel to town this weekend.  I have finally caved on the discussion about installing a pellet stove.  We've only been talking about it for like seven years.  The plan is for it to serve as supplemental heat to help lower the fuel bill costs this winter.  Some years we've paid upwards of $600 a month to heat our house.  Fuel oil isn't cheap, usually runs about the same per gallon as diesel.  This will also give us an alternate heat source if our boiler goes down.  

Weekend plans also include more berry picking, this time for blueberries.  It's been a couple years since we went blueberry picking, last year just never worked out timing-wise.  There really just isn't enough weekend to get everything done in.