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Tuesday Postscript - Having the Summer Off

Good morning.  It's overcast and looks like rain today.  I thought I'd give you a little look at what having the summer off has looked like for me.  I haven't had a summer off since high school and that was 20+ years ago.  I've had a few people make off-handed remarks about how nice it must be to "relax" all summer.  While I have done some relaxing my summer has looked more like this...

I get up usually around 5:30 am, grab a cup of coffee and my glass of water, then head downstairs to the computer in my studio.  Contrary to how that sounds, I'm not a morning person and I prefer to have a bit of quiet time before I have to engage in conversation.  I read a few headlines, catch up on the blogs I follow, and then generally write a blog post.  If I've already written the blog posts for the week I will work on scheduling posts for my handmade card business - Inked Inspirations.

Breakfast during the week is had around 6:30 am.  I start breakfast while hubby gets ready for work.  Weekday breakfasts are usually simple cereal and toast or a breakfast sandwich.  We eat together and then he packs his lunch at leaves about 7 am.  I head back downstairs to finish my coffee and whatever I'm working on.  After that things vary depending on the day.  Here's a look at yesterday...

I started my morning by baking a loaf of no-knead bread that has been resting overnight on the counter.  It takes an hour and a half from resting to folding, through baking and cooling.  I spaced on the photos, but you can learn more about my obsession with this bread here and here.

I got my morning cardio push mowing about 3 miles worth of our yard according to the step tracker on my phone.  I'm nowhere near done, there are two more chunks that need to be done, but those will have to be for another day.  

Everything always looks so nice when it's freshly mowed.  You can't tell that our yard is mostly wild strawberries, weeds, sucker trees, and wildflowers once it's been mowed.  We're not lawn people and we don't care that there's barely a stitch of grass growing here.  

While I ran the mower the washing machine was hard at work on the first load of laundry for the line.  Yes, I still hang laundry on the line.  It's a choice, not a necessity and I enjoy it.  When summer hits most of our laundry is line-dried.  I find the ability to hang laundry and listen to the birds and bugs in my yard very enjoyable.  

After all the mowing I made myself some lunch.  This is a bit of grilled chicken, sprouts, tomato, pesto, and arugula on the last of the soft warp bread with a side of Doritos.  

While I was enjoying lunch there were eggs boiling on the stove.  Had one little guy crack, but he turned out ok in spite of the egg you can see cooked to the side of the shell.

Four of those eggs went into some tuna salad.  Not pictured is the apple cider vinegar and the salt and pepper.  I know, someone is going to tell me it needs onion and someone will question the mustard.  We all make tuna a different way.  This isn't even the way my mom makes it.

There was some much-needed watering.  This little bed is under the eve of the roof, so unfortunately doesn't get the benefit of the rain unless it comes in sideways.  While the water did its job on the bed, with me moving it every 15 minutes or so, I folded laundry and watch a Trent & Allie Video on YouTube.  

Once the bed was watered, I added some fertilizer to the rhubarb section.  All the small ones were transplanted from the other end of the bed early in the spring and they need a little boost to get them re-established.  

The herbs were growing a little out of control so there was some much-needed harvesting.  I cut back the mint, dill, sage, and rosemary.  Basil will probably be cut back later in the week.  

The harvested herbs went into the dehydrator and I'll be putting them into jars sometime later today.  These will be great for later in the year when the greenhouse is dormant for the winter.  I do plan to keep the mint, some basil, and the rosemary through the winter as house plants.  

After doing a few more things in the greenhouse, transporting a couple of things, and pruning the squash and tomato plant, I took a shower and put my feet up for a while.  I did a bit of reading on the computer, answered some comments and questions on my Facebook pages, and enjoyed a glass of iced tea.  

You probably thought I was done in the greenhouse after all the herb harvesting, but I had to go back for the lettuce and broccoli for dinner.  Both of these lovely things went into the salad that went with our amazing dinner.

While I waited for Hubby to get home I started the grill and sat down on the porch with a nice glass of Shiraz.  

We enjoyed the surf and turf dinner we'd originally planned for last Friday.  I'm not a but steak eater so I get a small piece of Hubby's Ribeye.  I also get more shrimp than he does.  We shared a baked potato and had a lovely salad that was half from our garden. 

After dinner, the "egg lady" stopped by with an egg delivery and we visited in the front yard for a bit.  The weather was so beautiful all day yesterday.

So, while I don't have to go into a "real" job I'm not laying around the house all summer eating bonbons and watching soaps.  Today I'll be working on some custom card orders that need to be finished up and there will be some baking since it's cool outside.  I'll also be putting apples in the dehydrator and making taco and spaghetti seasoning mixes. 

Let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this.  Have a beautiful Tuesday.