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Planning Our 2021 Garden

Yes, it's January, but we're planning our 2021 garden.  Right now the garden is covered by snow and the temps are ranging from low negatives to mid 20's this month.  Before we know it the temps will be rising and things will be thawing out.  I'm predicting we'll have a dry hot summer with forest fires, as the three seem to go hand in hand up here.  The last two summers have been wetter and cooler, so we're due for a hot one. 

Snow-covered and cold, photo taken on January 16, 2021.  Temp at 1:30pm was 15 degrees.  This is the warmest January I remember having since we've been living here.  

The greenhouse is as we left it at the end of September.  I didn't take out any of the plants, left them to breakdown and die in the soil.  Come spring I will be cutting everything off at the soil level and prepare for the new planting in May.  

Over my birthday weekend, I drew out some plans for bed placement and layout this year.  We haven't fully planned the planting, but we've got a layout for all the beds.  We know where the corn, potatoes, and garlic will be planted.  The Raspberry bed is already established in the location you can see on the plans below.  2020 was the first year we had a good harvest off of the raspberry plants.  I got roughly seven quarts of berries over the duration of the season.  

I also cataloged our seed storage box, creating a master list of seeds we have.  By early February we'll finish the planting plan and in March we'll begin starting seeds.  We ordered our seeds for the 2021 garden in August of 2020.  

Hubby gave me a copy of Mellisa K. Norris' book The Family Garden Plan for Christmas.  I'm not very far into it, but so far it's been a good read and there is a lot of info and I'm learning quite a few new things about gardening and planning.  I've also ordered The Family Garden Planner that is a companion to the book.  I have goals to keep better notes on our planting this year.

What are your garden plans this year?  Have you purchased your seeds?  Are you a seasoned gardener or a newbie?  I think we kind of fit into the novice/experimental gardeners.  We've gardened a total of roughly 10 years, spanning two states.  We love to try new things just to see if they will grow.