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Porch Postscript 2021 Volume 1.3

This week it's all about the food.  I took two kinds of photos this week, food and studio work.  So food it is.  

Last night I made my zucchini fritters and homemade smash burgers.  The fritters are a combo of two recipes that I made my own.  I'll get the recipe up soon.  The Smash Burgers are a recipe from the Kitchn.  We ate our burgers on the Josh Weissman Hamburger Buns I've been making since the Rona started.  You can find my printable version in the Recipe File.

Monday was a Federal Holiday, so hubby was off.  We made corned Beef Hash for breakfast, which was the result of using leftovers from the baked corned beef from the night before.  There's no real recipe for this one.  It's diced potatoes and bell peppers, sauteed with a bit of diced leftover corned beef tossed in.  Top with a fried egg and add a side of toast, perfect for breakfast or dinner.

Sunday's Corned Beef was baked in the oven, low and slow.  We broke with the traditional sides and had fried potatoes and green beans.  The potatoes are from last summer's garden, a combination of Magic Molly and Red Samoyed.

Beans!  I love beans, a bit of a bean junkie if you will.  I love beans with anything and will try just about any new bean recipe I come across.  This recipe came from Milk Street.  This is their recipe for Mexican Stewed Beans with Salsa Fresca.  We added in some leftover pulled pork the night we had it for dinner, but when we ate them the next day for lunch we skipped the pork, and they were just a delicious as the day before.  

The beans make a big batch and will be reappearing in tonight's dinner, a little something to look forward to next Friday's Postscript.  

What's on your plate?  Are there things about life in Interior Alaska you'd like to see me write about?  Drop your ideas in the comments below.  Have a great weekend!