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Alaskan Winter Snapshots

I thought I would share a few Alaskan views from this winter.  I'm a lazy photographer in the winter.  Mostly because it's cold outside and I don't enjoy being cold.  However, I do click the random sunrise or snowy morning shot, often when I'm on my way to town to run errands or making a supply run to Fairbanks.

This first shot is from our drive to Fairbanks last Friday morning.  We stopped for a potty break and I grabbed a quick shot of the sunrise.  The sky was beautiful that morning.

This is a quick click of sunset in our front yard.  The pink popping through the silhouette of the trees was such a beautiful contrast.  

Sunrise view from my studio one morning in December.  I love it when the sun lights up a cloudy sky like this.  These colors might inspire a future project.

Winter wonderland, a fresh layer of snow in our yard always makes me think of the beginning of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.  It's like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia waiting for the White Witch to appear.

Most of these were captured with an iPhone, but the last one was taken with my DSLR.  I tell myself I really should use my "big camera" more, but I just don't.  Maybe this summer that will change.