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Laundry Room Update

We did a mini make over to our laundry space.  Our laundry room is less of a room and more of a laundry hall.  It’s a bit of an after thought in our house. Tucked on the garden level, slightly stashed under the stairs, and serves as the hallway to my studio.  There really isn’t a lot we can do to make it a room, but we did make it feel a little bigger by taking out some older cupboards and installing shelving.  Before...

Once the cupboards were down the wall was repainted a clean white.  Wall brackets were installed and then two shelves.  There is room add an additional shelf or two if there is a future need. Here’s the after...

It looks so much bright and the space does seem a bit bigger with the clunky cupboards down and gone.  I have a plan to purchase some baskets or bins to hide the clutter, but for now this is a huge improvement from the ugly dated cupboards.

I wish there was a better before photo, but unfortunately no.  You can see we got rid of a couple of ugly cabinets in the laundry room, the corner cabinet came down a couple years ago so that we could build a better place to put our printer and some various office supplies.

Overall, I’m very happy with how this little jobs turned out and it only cost about $100 for all the brackets and two shelves.  Pretty good investment for a little DIY sweat equity that took a couple hours on a Sunday.