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Making Bagels

Good bagels are hard to come by in Interior Alaska.  I honestly can't force myself to buy another bag of them off any grocery store shelf.  I want a good bagel shop bagel, of which there are none in our town.  I've also done the bagels from the chain grocery store bakeries and while superior to the ones in the bread aisle they still lack taste.   

This past weekend I decided to go all-in and give making bagels a second try.  I've made them once before, but only with a quick and easy recipe that produced more of a hockey puck than an actual bagel.  This time I opted for a recipe that was straightforward and was made with ingredients I already had on hand in the pantry.  

I used the New York-Style Bagel Recipe from Sophisticated Gourmet.  The instructions are very clear and easy to follow, with ingredients in both weight and measurements.  

I didn't plan for the toppings, so I opted to use sea salt on four of them and dry minced garlic on the other four.  Next time there will be some everything bagels made.  

They look pretty from the top, but the bottoms are a bit less professional.  Shaping will come with time and practice, as I will most definitely be making these again.

These bagels toast up beautifully and have a great chew with good texture.  None of that sticky sponginess of the ones from the breast aisle.  The flavor is that of a good yeasty bagel as well.  I enjoyed my first one as a bagel melt with swiss cheese for lunch.  Next will be breakfast with a good schmear of cream cheese.