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Journal Journey for the Garden Season

Monday I walked into the greenhouse for the second time this year, it was 40 degrees.  The sun had been shining on my happy place all morning, warming the heart of my summer space.  It will be too cold for plants for another couple of months, but it's still above freezing during the day.  

As I started cleaning up the greenhouse, I ponder how I'd go through this garden season.  Last year I tried to do stories on Instagram and I won't lie, it was painful to film and talk and try to work into the trend.  I'm thinking this year I'll stick with what I know and love, rather than videos.  

I’m a writer and a photographer, not a videographer. This is one of those things that maybe makes me a bit of a Luddite. It seems like the world of blogging is slowly being replaced by the vlog. I honestly keep thinking about it, mulling over the idea of a vlog, but it's not in me.  It's not in my heart or my soul.  I love looking at the world through the lens of a camera and I savor the sound of my fingers flying on the keys of a keyboard.  

I think this year there will be a lot more photography and journaling here in this space.  Maybe it's time to finally build this into the journaling space I've always wanted it to be.  I'll take you on the journey, while I garden and continue to build a life I don't need a vacation from.

Tuesday I pulled out my flip-flops.  It was 33 outside, and the snow has started to get slushy.  With tea in hand, I walked to the greenhouse for the second time this week, it was 45 inside.  The roof still has snow covering over half of it, but it's melting off slowly.

It's becoming part of my daily ritual to walk to the greenhouse and see how warm it is inside.  

It's supposed to snow today and tomorrow, so the daily walk probably won't be in flipflops tomorrow, but I'll still have to go have a peek at the temp.  I need to get out digital thermometer out there soon so I can start tracking how cold it's getting at night too.