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Our Garden is Taking Over Our House

Our garden is currently taking over our living room.  It's just a fact of life when you live in Alaska and have an unheated greenhouse.  It gets plenty warm in the greenhouse most days now, but the nights are another story.

I spent the past weekend up planting some of my seedlings and expanding the space for plants.  We now have them on the tiered shelf we bought to start seedling on, as well as the big windowsill in our family room and now on a table in our dining room.  

We moved the tiered shelf to a larger window at the top of our stairs for more natural light.  I also turned up the ceiling fan so they get a bit of a breeze.  They haven't had grow lights on for about a week now and everything seems to be thriving.

So far the plants in the family room window are also thriving in their bigger pots with only natural light.  Including the variegated peppermint (in the far corner at the top of the photo) that I overwintered in the house.  I lost my spearmint plant to some sort of bug infestation, but the peppermint is coming back beautifully.  

The table of plants in the dining room is starting to fill up sunflowers, some tomatillos, and some herbs.  Every year we've had a garden in Alaska I've struggled with growing sunflowers, they seem to be my arch-nemesis.  There are people in our community with big beautiful flowers, me not so much.  This year I have five plants, you can see them at the top of the photo.  They are spindly but surviving.  Here's hoping at least one of them produces a good seedhead.

I up-potted all my baby basil and I can't contain my excitement for them to grow bigger.  These pots aren't their forever home, but they'll give them space until I can get them into their home in the greenhouse.  I can almost taste the Caprese salads that this summer will bring.

Someday I'll live where I can start plants and put them into the ground in the spring, but until then I'll happily let the garden take over the house.  Waiting until it's warm enough to move things to the greenhouse is part of the Alaskan garden cycle for us.  Overnight temps are still way too low for us to put things out there.  We'll get there.  It was May 10th last year, but Spring was earlier and breakup happened sooner than it seems to be happening this year.