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Welcome to The Porch Postscript - where I share what I'm learning as I take this journey through life.  I'm a Wyoming girl living an Alaskan life.  Hang around, sip your coffee.  You might find just what you're looking for.

What you'll find here is a lot of discussion about food and recipes, with some gardening tossed in.  Sometimes there's a bit of DIY and creativity, but mostly I just share snippets of my life.

Once in a while, I dive deep with what I call a reflections post.  These posts are where I share my thoughts about the world we're living in.  Settle into a comfy chair and hang on through the tough and uncomfortable parts.  Often what I write is meant to make you think.  It's all gonna be fine.

The Bookshelf is a tab where I share some of the books I've read enjoyed.  This page includes affiliate links, which means I get a little kickback when you purchase one of these books, at no extra cost to you.  I share a brief review of the books I've loved reading and why I think you might enjoy reading them too.  The subjects are wide and varied, mostly non-fiction with a pinch of fiction to fill in the cracks.

The Recipe File is a section of printable recipes to add to your recipe hoard, I mean collection.  I hope you'll make and enjoy them.  If you're a cookbook junkie you can add my self-published cookbooks to your collection by purchasing a cookbook.

Savor a few good recipes.  Find a new book to inspire you.  Get inspired to garden, pick up your camera, or start a journal.  Visit often and share comments on the posts that spark something in your soul.

Learn more about what it's like to be Wyoming born, living n Alaska, waiting for the next big adventure to come our way.

Live life, enjoy food, make art, travel, journal, photograph it all.