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About Me

I eat peanut butter from a jar and can't live without my morning coffee. I probably run on caffeine and sugar. I have a weakness for dark chocolate, coffee, cheese, ice cream, and red wine. I spend my days working in the studio, playing doorman to our dog, Hedy, and pondering the next good meal.

I was born in Wyoming and have lived in four states since I married the love of my life. We currently live in the frozen Interior of Alaska. The winters are long, dark, and usually bitter cold, while the summers can sometimes be abundantly rainy, but most often are beautiful and warm with nearly 24 hours of light. I long to live by the water, any water...ocean, lake, river, or stream.

I'm a writer, photographer, artist, reader, and foodie.  I love the adventure of traveling.  I'm an ambivert also known as an extroverted introvert.  Do I need to explain that better?  I can be either personality as needed, but my tendencies lean more toward introvert.  I definitely need to be an introvert and unplug after a social event where there are gobs of people involved.

I have written and self-published two cookbooks, you can find those here.  I'm ready to start working on a new one, but that's gonna take some time.  I also write free verse poetry and short essays, both of which can occasionally be found here.

I'm a photographer, not by profession, but by passion and hobby.  I have been shooting for over two decades.  I feel the best camera is the one you have with you, which nowadays seems to be the phone in my pocket.  If you'd like to see more of my work, you should check out Stacy Petersen Photography.

The artist in me is also a hobbyist who's self-taught, but an artist none the less.  I create handmade cards, dabble in watercolor, and occasionally illiterate in pen and ink.  If you're interested you can see my work by visiting Inked Inspirations.

I'm a lover of non-fiction.  Yes, I know I'm a bit of a rare bread.  I enjoy memoirs, preferably about travel or food, and love it when both collide in the same book.  I savor reading cookbooks as if they are novels.  Books on gardening, building cabins, and living off the land also pull me in and encourage the dreamer in me.

The foodie in me loves everything about food.  Cooking it.  Eating it.  Reading about it.  Even looking at photos of it.  Over the years food has become an accidental passion.  I love farmer's markets, ethnic markets, chain grocery stores, and regional food havens.  I'm the tourist who visits local grocery stores on vacation.  I collect recipes I may never make.  I relish trying new foods and sharing meals with people who enjoy food as much as I do.  I'm always thinking about the next good meal.

If you want to know more about me you should check out the Raw Thoughts post.   For more about what you might find here on The Porch Postscript check out the Start Here page.  Thanks for reading and I hope you'll stick around and make yourself comfy.