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Recipe File

Welcome to the recipe box of The Porch Postscript.  
These are meals we've made and enjoyed Around the Petersen Table.

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Money-Saving Pantry Mixes:
Breakfast & Morning Starters:
Sauces, Marinades & Condiments:
Slow Cooker:


Around the Petersen Table Volume I:  

Originally self-published as So Let's Make Dinner... & More in 2006.  Volume I includes several recipes, tips for stocking your kitchen, an index of cooking terms and means, ingredient substitutions, tips and hints, and more.  This is a basic cookbook for beginners to seasoned cooks.

Spiral Bound, Soft Cover, 110 pages:  $15 

Around the Petersen Table Volume II:

Originally published as Budget-Friendly Cooking in 2007.  Volume II includes more great recipes, including recipes for cooking once and getting two meals, and a section on making your own mixes.

Spiral Bound, Soft Cover, 86 pages:  $15