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5 Reasons to Use a Feed Reader

What is a feed reader?  Simple answer - a feed reader is a place to gather and display RSS feeds or web feeds if you will.  Translation - This is one page you can visit daily that will contain all of the blogs you don't want to miss stories from, and it eliminates the need to visit each individual page.  There are dozens of feed readers out there - Feedly, Bloglovin', Feedbin, Flipboard and many others.  There are even extensions for Chrome users to add to your toolbar.  Do some research, experiment, you'll find the one that fits your style and needs.  I'm a Feedly user, more on that later.  Let's talk about why I use a feed reader first.

1. All Your Blogs in One Place

I don't know about you, but I don't have the desire, nor the attention span, to click and read dozens of different blog pages.  I follow 53 blogs.  Don't judge.  By putting it all in a feed reader I open one page and read all my blogs in one place.

2.  Full Article Feed

Now, personally, I don't care if you visit my page directly or read my content in a feed reader.  That's because I'm not here for the numbers.  I'm here for the writing.  There are other blogs that do care about numbers and therefore will limit how much of the post shows in a feed reader.  If you want to read the full post you merely click a link that says something to the effect of "continue reading..." to finish reading the article on the actual blog page.

3. Customizable

The feed reader I use, lets you choose your desired feed reading style.  I use the Full Articles layout, but, other options include Cards, Title Only, Magazine, or Grouped by Feeds.  There are also customizable categories to sort the blogs you follow.

4.  There's an App for That

Yes, there sure is!  Most of the feed readers I've checked out have an app so you can read your blogs anywhere on anything.  I have an app on my phone as well as my kindle.

5. No Ad Assault

Nothing will make me leave your blog faster than a pop-up asking me to subscribe to your newsletter.  Except maybe the mystery noise of an ad that automatically plays when I visit your site.  I know not everyone blogs for the joy of writing.  There are thousands of bloggers that make a living blogging, but seriously I can't be the only reader you lose because of these things.  By adding these blogs to a feed reader I avoid all of this and still get the content that I'm  into.

The Feed Reader I Use

When I first started in the blog world I used Google Reader, sadly that reader was discontinued several years ago.  I moved to Feedly, originally for convenience sake, because there were easy steps to pull my Google Reader right over without a bunch of hassle.  I've tried others, but I always come back to Feedly.

Why Feedly?  Honestly?  Because it was the most like Google Reader when I was in the market for a feed reader.  Today, years later, I've tried to use a couple others and always come back to Feedly.  Feedly is simple, gives me the option of a full articles feed with photos, easy scroll and read and customizable categories.  It's also fairly easy to add a new blog to my reader, as long as they have an RSS feed.

Do you use a feed reader?  Why or why not?  Tell me about it in the comments.