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Currently October 2016 Part 1

Yesterday's post was pretty intense, so let's lighten things up today.  It's Monday, the day most people like the least.  Let's savor our morning coffee and be thankful for the day.  Spin things in a positive light to set the tone for the week.

What I'm Reading:

  • Woman Code - reading small chunks of this at a time.  Too much of it at once is really overwhelming.  (Kindle book)
  • Rising Strong - haven't picked this up in a few day, but it's on my list of things to pick back up this morning.  (Real book)
  • Present Over Perfect - I grabbed the Kindle sample of this and after reading a few pages last night I'll be grabbing the full book. (Kindle book)
  • Curly Girl - Bought this over the weekend.  While I'm not into all of the "bible" steps they talk about I've been meaning to read this one so I can add some curly coping skills to my bag of tricks.  (Kindle book)

What's Happening in the Studio:

  • InkTober - Daily drawing in pen and ink.  I really love drawing with a pen.  I'm not a sketch person, I'm totally a pen and ink person.  There are no rules to InkTober, just to draw with pen and ink every day in October.  You can follow my progress on my Instagram feed @theporchpostscript.
InkTober Day 1
InTober Day 2
  • Custom Orders - This isn't something I am willing to take on very often, but these are for a good friend who loves my work.  I'll be creating three custom initial drawings for her.  Hoping to have this all finished by the end of the week.
Custom Order #1
Custom Order #2 in progress

What's in My Podcast Playlist:

  • The Lively Show -  This is a great podcast for inspiration and encouraging you to embrace your life.  Jess Lively created this podcast to uplift, inspire, and add a little extra intention to your day (her words, not mine).  She interviews a number of small business people and bloggers asking them questions about what inspires and motivates them, as well as what challenges they've faced getting where they are today.  
  • True Crime Profile - If you love true crime then this is a must listen.  Jim Clemente (retired FBI profiler), Laura Richards (criminal behavioral annalist, former Scotland Yard), and Lisa Zambetti  (casting director for Criminal Minds) discuss and analyze a number of murder cases, including the OJ Simpson murder trial, the JonBenet Ramsey case, the trial of Oscar Pistorius, and The Colonial Park Murders just to name a few.  
  • You Must Remember This - Who doesn't love old Hollywood?  Karina Longworth digs into the stories of the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century.  I got into this podcast when she was telling the story of the Manson Murders.  They are on hiatus until the beginning of 2017, but there are plenty of episodes to listen to and get you hooked before then.

Favorite DSLR Photo:

What's on My Goal List for the Week:

  • Get back into reading for 30 minutes every morning
  • Stay on track with my InkTober drawing challenge
  • Commit to morning yoga practice
  • Recommit to morning journaling
What's on your Currently list?  Write it in your journal, your blog, even on a post-it.  Currently Lists help you see where you are and refocus on what you want to do.  Stop spending your day scrolling through your social media drug of choice, hoping for new posts.  Go out and live life.  Take a walk, write, draw, create, use your brain, or connect with friends.