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The Personal Shift

Getting personal really wasn't my plan when I started blogging again, but it's just kind of started happening.  More of an evolution if you will.  If I'm going to be true to my heart and mind with my desire to write more, this blog has to grow and expose more of who I am.

The Porch Postscript - a place to hang around, sip coffee, chat with a neighbor and enjoy the summer sun, even in the dead of winter.  

If I really believe that, then I need to move forward, change my writing style and create more post that are more porch chats and long visits with friends.  I think most of you who are reading this blog are people I know personally in my daily life.  Some of you might be strangers, but new friends are always welcome.  While it's only 5 degrees this morning, pour yourself a cup of coffee and settle into a comfy chair.  Let's get real and be personal here.

My claim to fame is being born in Wyoming.  I lived the first 28 years of my life there.  I wear that as a badge of honor.  Wyoming Cowboy fans will understand when I say I bleed brown and gold.  While I may never live in the great state of Wyoming again, I will always be proud to be from there.

Lake Marie - Snow Range, WY

I left a piece of my heart in Missouri.  There were so many great things about the two years we spent living there.  Secondhand shopping was AMAZING!  Abandon buildings and graveyards made my photographers heart skip a bit, as there down every country road.  Speaking of country roads, there are zillions of them that lead all over the state too little towns.  Little towns that hold some of the best barbeque restaurants you'll ever eat in.  This was the first, and so far only, place I'd ever lived where there were genuinely four seasons.

Farm Land - Central Missouri

Texas, they can keep it.  We spent two years living through sandstorms, on the border in El Paso.  What I loved most about living there was our discovery of Gila Hot Springs in New Mexico.

Gila Hot Springs - New Mexico

Living the Alaskan dream, or at least that's what many of our friends and family think.  The reality, we moved here for a job.  Plain and simple.  We're still here, five years later, but not for the reasons so many would like to think we are.  Alaska is a beautiful state, but it hasn't captured our hearts.  We've learned that we love a small town life, there's beauty in being a six-hour flight from Hawaii, and the summers are amazing.

Alaskan Range - Interior Alaska

So what's the point of all this?  It's called the build up.  This is a little bit of who I am, testing the waters of opening my heart and sharing more about me, getting more personal.  Are you wondering where we're going to go from here?  Yeah, me too.  Stick around.  This could get very interesting.