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26 Below Zero

It's 26 below zero today.  Winter has finally made it's way to Alaska.  We've seen it colder many times, but it's always a shell shocker when the mercury drops this low.

We have a slight ground covering of snow, not more than an inch or two.  It's a fine powder and will be gone as soon as the wind brings the temperatures back up.  That's how the winters are here.  You wish for something above zero on the thermometer, you'll be wishing for the wind as well.  Most of us will accept the super cold to avoid the howling winds.

The light is sitting around the five-hour mark.  What I mean is we currently have about five hours of daylight.  The sun rises at about 9am and sets around 4pm.  I could live here for 20 years and never really adjust to the dramatic changes in weather and light this time of year.  Since I am neither a fan of the cold nor the dark, winter in Alaska is a bit of a struggle.

It's that time of year where we put boots on our littlest dog.  She's tougher than she was when we moved here, but anything colder than -10 and she attempts to squat on one leg.  It's sad, pathetic, and funny all at the same time.  Matilda loves her pink boots.  Never a struggle to put them on, she just knows it's cold and boots mean she can go out without struggling to keep her feet off the ground.

Before you ask, no it's not cold enough to shut things down. The school day isn't canceled until the temp hits -50.  Yes, it can get that cold here.  The city offices close at -40, as does the public library.  So, even though it's -26 this morning, there will still be school, I'll still go to work, and people will think nothing about going on about their daily lives.

How's the weather in your part of the world?  Do you live where it's cold and snowy? Or there a tropical breeze blowing?  Is there sun and warmth? Or are you in the middle somewhere?