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Do Your Friends Know You Love Them?

Do your best friends know you love them?  No, I mean it.  The friends you've had the longest, the ones who could tell your secrets.  When was the last time you told them you cared?  I know there are zillions of people who've had the same best friend for their entire lives.  I'm not one of those zillions.  My best friends are the people I've picked up along the road of life.

My oldest friend and I knew each other before we were born.  Yeah, go ahead and laugh, but it's true.  Our mom's bowled together, were pregnant at the same time and we were born days apart.  We grew up together.  We went to church together.  We teased each other through junior and senior high.  We haven't seen each other in over ten years and we live thousands of miles apart, but we stay in touch on Facebook.  He's a cop and I pray for his safety every day.

In junior high, I met an upperclassman that took a liking to me.  I was in the eighth grade.  We've been friends ever since, even with a time gap where we didn't stay in touch.  Our memories are filled with laughter, dancing, and stories.  We both have lives and are married now.  We also live thousands of miles apart, but I know if I need anything he'd be there.

One of my best friends came into my life when I was 22.  Oh, the stories he could tell if I'd let him.  We're not as close as we once were, but there's still a little line of connection there.

Girlfriends are harder for me to stay connected with, but there are a few.  One of them has been my crafting bestie for ages.  We've stayed in touch across the miles and through all the moves.  She's probably the only gal pal I have that gets the crafty chatter and excitement that happens when you create something you're so tickled with.  That's a bond that's hard to beat.

In recent years I've bonded with a woman that's twice my age.  She's full of spunk and life and laughter.  She's Alaskan born and raised, filled with tales of what it was like to live here when the pipeline was built and when the wild buffalo still tormented the town of Delta.

These are the family you build as you travel the road of life.  These are just a few of the friends I hold dear.  Some friends don't stay in our lives, but those that do need to know how much they mean to us.  Tell your best friends you love them.  Life's short, stay connected.


  1. With the internet, it's far easier to stay connected than it was years ago. Facebook keeps me connected to those who live farther than down the street these days.

    1. I totally get that. Internet is great for connecting us across the miles.

  2. Funny you should ask! When I was 13 we moved to Fairbanks and met one of my best friends ever in my teen years. Her family moved outside 2 years later and we lost touch. I've searched for her for years! Then one day this past August, I got a Facebook message asking are you my best friend from.... There was a ton to catch up on, but it was like we just clicked again after more years than either of us would care to admit. :)

    1. Robin - I love stories like this! Melts my heart.


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