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Alaskan Winter December 2016

Winter storm warning, it's started snowing since 5:30 am yesterday morning.  It's more of the fine, dry snow.  The kind that limits visibility when a car passes you on the road.  The temp has risen to five below zero.  Regular heat wave here in the Interior.  I'm guessing when I say we got about four to five inches.

I've officially reached an age where the cold bothers me.  This is the first winter where cold has really bothered my hands, as in my hands hurt and I'm still looking for the right gloves kind of hurt.

Up until now, I've always been loyal to Isotoner gloves.  I love them.  They were the perfect gloves, warm enough, yet still great for functionality.  I own a pair of what I'll call ski gloves for lack of a better description, they're the big bulky kind.  Super warm, but totally dysfunctional for handling anything but ski poles.  Currently, I'm wearing a pair of Hubby's mittens with the flip-top, that exposes fingerless mitts.  While these are warmer and more functional, I'm still not sure this Goldilocks has found the right gloves.

Should I mention that these mitts have magnets in them that help keep the flaps folded open and in place?  This is the weirdest part of wearing these mitts.  Anything metal, yep you guessed it, I can stick to it.  Which is completely weird!  These magnets are on the back of the hand when the mitts are closed it can make opening the car door interesting.

So while I search for the right gloves to provide both function and warmth in below zero temps, please enlighten me to your favorite glove choices and why you love them.