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Where Have All the Manners Gone?

Are you ready for another round from the well of my deep thoughts?  Yes?  Well ready or not, here we go, down the rabbit hole of Stacy's wandering mind.

The past couple of days I've really begun to wonder where have all the manners gone?  No.  Seriously.  Do you know?  When did we become such a rude, self-obsessed, self-serving bunch of knotheads?

In the past few days, as in since Monday, I've been called names, hung up on, and yelled at for things I can't and don't control.  I've had people just walk in and interrupt meetings, without even a blink or apology for the interruption.  Again I ask when did we become so rude?

When did it become acceptable to talk on the phone while mailing a package, ordering food or doing business at the bank?  When did it become acceptable to talk back to the customer in a demeaning tone?  When did rudeness become the norm?

I was taught - You give the janitor the same respect as the president of the company.  In high school I these wise words became a motto - Kill them with kindness.  In the past few years, I've replayed this phrase in my head - You don't have the right to cause anyone a bad day.  All of these things are tied together - Respect, Kindness, Influence.

Everyone should learn to respect others, simple really.  Respect is a give and take thing.  Learn to give it, work to earn it.  Respect for others and what they do will take you a lot further than demanding anything from anyone.  It should be sincere, not something you toss around like confetti.

Kindness should be a condiment, slathered on everything throughout our daily travels.  This is the one that should be tossed around like confetti.  Kindness is something, that yes on any given day you might think it will kill you to share it, but it doesn't cost anything to be kind.  Smile at that crabby old lady, hold the door for that struggling mom, be nice to the clerk on the other side of the counter.  Your smile, your kindness, might be the only bright spot in an otherwise terrible day.

Influence, think about it.  You have a bad day, you take it out on the next person, causing them to have a bad day.  The dominos are set in motion.  Do you really want to be that domino?  Again I repeat - You don't have the right to cause anyone a bad day.

I've worked in customer service my entire life.  Yes, my entire life.  My dad ran a business out of our home and I've been helping customers since I was old enough to answer the phone.  Serving the public is my calling in life, but the rude jerks in life make my job a lot harder.  I'd love a sign in my office that says "Check your anger and rude demanding attitude at the door."  No, seriously, if you come seeking help I'll help you to the best of my ability, often going above and beyond what's expected.  Bring that rudeness and anger with you and you'll get what you came for but not much else.

Are you the jerk who shows up three minutes to closing and delays the staff from getting home to their families because you're totally unaware?  Are you the jerk who talks on your phone while in the checkout line?  Are you the jerk that hangs up on people once you have what you called for without so much as a thank you and a goodbye?  Are you the jerk that makes an appointment and then thinks it's okay to be a no-show?  Are you the jerk with the screaming baby that you ignore and expect everyone to tolerate?

The next time you go somewhere, dust off you manners.  Hold the door for an elderly lady.  Smile when that man twice your age calls you honey.  Say thank you when the waitress drops off refills at your table.  Don't be offended when someone holds the door for you, try saying thank you instead.  Smile at that lady who always looks angry.  Use please a little more often and always remember you don't have any right to cause anyone a bad day.