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Explore Creativity

I don't think people realize how healing creativity is.  No.  Really.  I've been creative my whole life and as I have gotten older and struggled through rough spots in life I've realized that my art and creativity help me get through those bumps in life.  It rebuilds my momentum and fills up the spots in my soul that stress and daily life drain out and empty.

I've spent the quite a bit of time in my studio creating and working on new cards, the last few days.  Trying new techniques and looking for myself in the lost chaos of the daily grind.  While I have a day job that I love, but it's taxing on my mind and sometimes my emotions, often times stressful.  Being creative helps refill all those places.  It gives me time to let my mind wander and be free.  
Right now I'm focused on exploring mixed media and learning new techniques to stash in my mental closet of card making skills.  This is where you picture that hall closet that is stuffed to the max and when you open it everything pours out in avalanche fashion.  It's like potato chips, you can't just learn one technique.

Are you creative?  If you said no, I'm gonna say you don't give yourself enough credit.  Being creative isn't just about being crafty.  Creativity could be part of your love of cooking, the way you're always redecorating your house, the garden you spend hours in, really the possibilities are endless where your creativity may lie.

Creativity is that opening for us to be free, open and unbound by the rules that society places on us.  Most of us have a "day job" and whether it's one we love or not it's bound by rules.  Creativity is an escape mechanism.  It's a way to unwind, let your mind wander, take off all the hats you wear and let go of the stereotypes of daily life.

I encourage you to go find your creativity and let your mind wander.  Journal, create art, sketch, cook, garden, knit, crochet, quilt, sew, embroidery, photograph your neighborhood, mow the lawn.  It's all creative and there are too many other options for me to list.  Find your release and recharge your soul.  Ignore the inner critic and branch out.  Try new things.  Learn to do that thing that you've always wanted to do, but thought you'd never be good at.  Find your well to refill your soul.