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Craving Travel

Torn.  There are so many days that I would like to run away and live in a Winabego, on the open road, thumbing my nose at the world.  That's the point where hubby reminds me we're just too responsible to really do that.  I nod my head and go on with my daydream. Then there are the other days, the days where thinking about giving it all up gives me anxiety and can't cope with the thoughts of how much we'd have to give up to travel full time.

I still have wanderlust and will probably suffer for life.  I like having a house, but honestly the older I get the more I want to travel and what better way to do it than in a moveable house - be it travel trailer, RV or converted bus.

I have a romance in my head of living a traveling life, writing and creating art wherever we go.  Most days I know this a  crazy pipe dream, but days like yesterday I don't care!!!  Days like yesterday make me want to be free and live a life of creating, writing and photographing my journey.  Everyone needs dreams right?  Even if they are a little crazy and somewhat irresponsible for an almost 40-year-old.

Yes, I realize there are people out there doing this very thing daily, many of them are even raising kids on the open road, but we're not them.  We need an income and I'm honestly starting to think neither one of us really has the hustle to be self-employed.  Ok, that's mostly me that I think that about.  I know hubby has no desire nor hustle to pursue the self-employed, travel the world life that I find an itch for on a weekly, if not daily basis.

Right now were sensible people living the daily hustle and bustle of regular jobs, if you can call my job regular.  Monday through Friday people, weekends off.  Living the American dream, but is that really the American dream?