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Life Snapshots June 2017

I took Friday off last week and gave myself a long three-day weekend to rest, relax and reflect.  The 2017 year has been a bit tense and I needed some time to just chill.  I'll spare all the details, but I can say I definitely needed this weekend to unwind and recharge.

Day 1:

I enjoyed an iced coffee and a good book after running a few errands in the morning.  

Snapped a pic of the honey bees that are enjoying the dandelion field where my garden usually is.  

Sat on the grass and supervised Hubby repairing our garage roof.

Day 2:

Enjoyed a homemade waffle for breakfast while doing a bit of journaling.

Spent some time hanging out in the yard with the pups, enjoying a large glass of iced tea.

Did a bit of reading about Nature Journaling.

Grilled some chicken and bacon for dinner.

Which I turned into a delicious spin on a cob salad, to go with my red wine and Sunset magazine.

Took an evening stroll around our property.  It's my own little piece of heaven this time of year.

Ended my day with a little bit of creating in my art journal.

Day 3:

Started my morning with some art journaling in the yard.  It was such a beautiful morning complete with birds singing and the neighbor's rooster crowing.

I took myself to lunch at the local drive-in.  They have a delicious halibut fish sandwich.

I did a little more sketching outside before dinner.

These are just the highlights of the weekend that I took pics of.  I read quite a bit, did a bit of tree trimming and yard work, but mostly I just enjoyed being outside nearly all day long.  To be quite honest, I didn't realize how frazzled and worn out I was until I allowed myself to just rest all weekend.  I'm now ready to face the next very busy three weeks with a clear head and well-rested soul.