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The Extroverted Introvert

That's me, and extroverted introvert.  Left in the wild I will seek out one-on-one conversations, avoid large groups and get hives at a sign of a big crowd.  I will avoid public speaking at all costs.

The flip side of that coin is I have a job that is very public and very much a people-oriented game.  I get hurled into large groups of strangers and which often leads to the public speaking opportunities I loathe.  I'm a program cordinator...I've got no choice.  It just comes with the territory.

I'm loud and often funny, maybe even a bit quirky.  Most people mistake me for an extrovert that loves the wild world of entertaining.  I'm a good jokester in the right company and I enjoy a good round of teasing.  Left to my own devices though, I'll choose to alone.   I often decline party invites, especially if it's a party where I know very few people.

The other part of my personality that is often misunderstood and misjudged is the public withdrawal.  After weeks of engagement, I will withdraw from the world.  This is how I recharge.  I unplug from human interaction.

What I always find funniest about all of this is how many people find me to be a rare breed, when in all actuality I'm not that rare.  There are zillions of us running around the planet.  I have several friends who fit the mold.  People also find it odd that I'm married to an introvert and will often inform me that because of this fact I can't possibly be an introvert as well.  Look, folks, it is how it is and he is the most amazing introvert and loves me in ways I never knew were possible.  Get your mind out of the gutter, he loves me, all of me - My heart, my soul, my mind, my emotions and my body in all of its imperfections.

Introverts, whether full-on introverts or the extroverted kind like me, are some of the most loyal people you will meet.  We love whole-heartedly and have very few close friends.