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Recipe Review: Two Peas & Their Pod Soft Peanut Butter Cookies

I love peanut butter anything!  I'm that girl that only needs a spoon and a jar.  I'm also a snob about my peanut butter.  I prefer Jiffy Natural over any other brand...and please don't ask me about Adam's Natural peanut butter my answer will offend anyone that loves it. Over the weekend I found myself craving cookies.  I'd been texting with a friend on Saturday and she told me about the cookies she was making, after that I couldn't get cookies off my brain, thanks, Amy!  When Sunday rolled around the cookies on my brain had turned into a full-blown craving for peanut butter cookies.  I'm sure there are dozens of recipes for peanut butter cookies in my recipe box, including the one I grew up eating, but I wanted a soft cookie.  I set out on a mission to find a recipe that would create soft cookies, but wouldn't create enough to feed a neighborhood of hungry teenagers. In my search, on Pinterest of course, I came across a recipe from Two Peas & Th

On Friendship

Source - Pinterest Friendships are such a unique dynamic thing.  They come in all phases of our lives, are constantly evolving, ever growing and sometimes only last for a season.  At a certain point in your life, much like romance, age won't matter. I have friends that are 20 plus years older than me that I just click with.  Many of these are friendships that happened in unlikely ways but have bloomed into friendships I treasure dearly.  These are the friends that have no inhibitions and are totally the people I discuss those things no one else thinks is dinner conversations. Then there are the friends that are more than 20 years younger than me.  Several of these friendships started out almost in a mentorship way and with time grew into friendship built on common interests.  They're the friends that keep my heart young and challenge me to look at the world in new ways, the friends I push to be strong and grow their dreams.  Friends that I support and reassure, lendin

100 Days of Photos - Week 1

I started this project on Tuesday.  That's the when, but what about the why?  Well, the why is a little more complicated.  I miss taking photos, but it's way too cold and way too frozen for me to wander around and take amazing photos of foliage this time of year.  I'm a little burned out on my usual artist medium of card making and pen and ink drawing.  I feel like I need to feed my creative soul.  I also want to capture more of my everyday life. Why 100 Days?  Because I've seen other people do 100 Day Projects.  You can see more and learn more about The 100 Day Project and what other people are making by checking out this link .  There's no commitment other than a creative medium and 100 Days. Day 1: What's on my desk.  There's more to my creative endeavors than card making and art. Day 2: Our kitchen table, we've turned into my husband's parents...I'll just leave that there. Day 3: Seafood Scampi, dinner out with a girlfriend. 

What is Sexy?

What is sexy? Does that question conjure up images of thin, well toned, barely clad women?  That's what society has influenced us to think and to believe, but what is it really?  We're lead to believe that it's about how we look.  I asked if I was sexy and I was told yes.  I asked what made me sexy and the list he gave included things I never thought about.  Things that are who I am, not how I look.  Then he asked, "don't you understand that?"  I had to answer no.  I'd never thought about or considered what makes someone sexy is their mind, their heart, the kind things they do.  I'd been drinking the stereotypical cool-aid of the media, thinking that sexy was about being thin, having long hair and big boobs.  Go ahead and laugh, but the next time you're standing in a grocery store checkout line look at the magazines and tell me that's what sexy is portrayed as. I've struggled with my body image for years, and while I think I'm w